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  1. saphre1964 says:

    please don’t compare yourself, our skin is all so individualized…i do NOT believe it’s about exercise and skin, i exercise a lot and have lots of skin (down 140 lbs ~ 85 to go) and i know it’ll be worse. the skin, i believe are our “battle scars”…as long as you aren’t having skin breakdown your doing good…
    btw, i think you look beautiful!

  2. gastricRose says:

    For me girl it is Old Age for sure…..and I had a bodylift LOL 🙂 I just smile and bear it HUGS to you ….love love ya…love rosemary

  3. Thank you. It is what it is.

  4. LAPPAGURL09 says:

    LOL, im sorry to say but…it does have to do with age:-( Also smoking will cause lose skin as well. Don’t worry when u able to do yoga again, it will help:-)

  5. I love that my family keeps me in check by telling it like it is, gotta love the truth! I am glad that it gave you a chuckle too!