1. How much protein, carbohydrates and fats should a weight lifter consume daily. Maximizing their attributes, and increasing their chance of succeeding?

  2. Sergi your films RAWK!

  3. Thank you Boutenko’s for bringing us this inspiring story. Clent you are amazing

  4. koaislove says:

    This guy is great. How old is he? I love the picture of him and the Dr. in one pants.

  5. rubyvrom17 says:

    So awesome….just shared this on Raw Food Rehab and directed the community to the Boutenko’s!

  6. azmissdaisy says:

    I am constantly inspired by this man! Thank you for sharing his story!

  7. iamthenubbin says:

    Clent, you’re awesome! You’re such an inspiring person and I’m glad to know you as my friend.

  8. Holland359 says:

    Really inspiring! Thank you!

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