OxyPowder is a gentle, powerful, and safe, all natural colon cleanser. It has successfully assisted over 2 million people regain their health. This is twice as successful as the Dr. Natura’s Colonix. Since the product is safe, many continue to use it for years. It is very simple, and does not have to interrupt your day. There are no shakes or drinks to prepare, and you will not be glued to your toilet either.  


How Is Oxy-Powder Different From Other Colon Cleansers?


Oxy-Powder along with all other products developed by Dr. Group are FDA approved and under Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). So, it is an environmentally friendly, 100% Kosher, Vegetarian Certified cleanser. This is particularly important for people who have specific vegetarian, religious, cultural, or dietary needs…






Oxy-Powder’s ingredients have been thoroughly researched. They include:  


Ozonated Magnesium: helps motivate your colon, while promoting healthy bowel function.


Organic Germanium 132: helps lower and stabalize your blood pressure and cholesterol.  


Natural Citric Acid: helps assist in the cleansing process while metabolizing fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.  


Organic Gum Acacia: helps relieve symptoms of diarrhea, lowers your cholesterol, curb your appetite, and reduces malabsorbtion.  



Using Oxy-Powder




You will start, in the evening, by taking 4 capsules with an 8 oz. Glass of water. You should be having 3-5 bowel movements every day. If you are not, increase your dosage by 2 until you are having 3-5 bowel movements a day. Once you reach this point you, this will count as day 1. You simply continue taking the same dosage for 7 days. This is the 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse…



What Benefits Will I See From Oxy-Powder?




Since, cleansing your digestive system can have positive affects on the rest of your body, you can see the following results:  


– improved body odor

– improved appetite

– weight issues improved and regulated

– improved breath odor

– relieved back pain

– increased energy level

– elevated mood

– relieved constipation symptoms

– improved immune system

– reduced bloating

– maximized ability to absorb nutrients

– improved facial complexion

– detoxified body  



Frequently Asked Questions




Is Oxy-Powder Safe?


Yes, Oxypowder is safe.  


Is OxyPowder habit forming?




Can I continue using OxyPowder every day?





Does Oxy-Powder have side effects I need to know about?


You will notice watery gaseous stools. Be aware that this is not diarrhea. This is the result of Oxy-Powder liquifying the excess buildup of waste and toxins in your body. Colon cleansers also have die-off effects. This is a result of your body purging the toxins from your body. It is a perfectly natural response, similar to when you catch a fever or cold. Your body can get worse, before it gets better. If these die off effects are becomming problematic, you can simply reduce your dosage to make it more manageable.  



Will I actually lose weight from using Oxy-Powder?



Yes, it is often observed that people loose weight from using Oxy-Powder. However this is not the intended purpose.  



I feel perfectly healthy, and am in good shape. Is there any reason for me to take Oxy-Powder?


Many professional athletes have been using Oxy-Powder on a regular basis. Afterall, no one has a perfect digestive system.  



What Specific Conditions Oxy-Powder Can Treat?


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Hemorrhoids, & Candida


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