1. bluesephir75 says:

    i wonder if this could help with my high blood pressure too?

  2. litebug12345 says:

    I have already suffered 2 heart attack & have what my phsyican calls dangerously high triglycerides & LDL, and i was told that if i do not get these levels under control i will have another. This did frighten me and i knew i needed to do something to reverse this damage. I knew plant sterols were powerful so i tried Sterolyn, and i’m very proud to say that my triglycerides have gone from 512 all the way down to 155. LDL count down from 240 to 132. Great product.

  3. SaSuke7731 says:

    hi sir…. im only 14 years old but ur advice hlps my family. evertime we get sick i go check here or ur website.


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