It is important to know your cholesterol numbers. For someone with normal numbers and no additional predictive factors pointing to a danger of high cholesterol, the few tests suggested by the doctor should be sufficient. For someone 20 years or older, a test every 5 years is the suggested number, until the results start showing traces of high cholesterol.

The Home Cholesterol Test Kit

Medical science has been constantly developing tests that can be administered at home to keep track of progress, including some types of cholesterol monitor. Cholesterol levels can vary on a daily basis. For those within the normal range, this isn’t a trouble.

When your cholesterol levels are typically at the borderline levels that can be dangerous, it can be important for you to monitor changes so that you can see what is working and what isn’t.

The home cholesterol monitor has been delivering trustworthy results by using a few drops of blood. The test takes just a few minutes at home and many of those devices will keep track of the time and date of the test and stores the results as well. Such a tool could be helpful when one is trying a new regimen.

Improvements can be seen as an increased exercise regimen is implemented. As results become better, a patient may find encouragement between doctor’s visits and keep up the good work. This can be very important since beginning a diet and exercise program is demanding and high cholesterol can cause depression.

You can find the home cholesterol test kit in any drug store, the kit consist of the tools required in order to conduct an accurate cholesterol test and only with couple drops of blood and 10 minutes later you will be able to tell the levels of cholesterol present in your body.

Several types of cholesterol monitor are miniature computers. This allows different kinds of information to be available. A device may be able to assess current readings in with other risk factors such as smoking take into consideration. The cholesterol test kit which FDA approved is 97% accurate and easy to use.

Who Needs a Cholesterol Test Kit?

The need for such tests can be determined by doctors on a case by case basis. If nothing else, they help a patient play a part more fully in controlling the situation.

Everyone who wants to keep a close monitor on his or her cholesterol without having to go through a doctor’s appointment can use the handy cholesterol test kit. I personally suggest it to those who have high levels of cholesterol and need to know where they stand frequently.

Be in Control of Your Cholesterol at all Times With the Cholesterol Test Kit

Cholesterol can be life treating if the levels get too high, and coronary heart disease is a terribly common occurrence in people with high levels of bad cholesterol and the only way to keep these levels in control is to monitor it as often as required. The right level of cholesterol you should have in your body is of 200mg/dl of LDL or less and a minimum of 40mg/dL of HDL or more.

Is the Home Cholesterol Test Good at Giving Accurate Results?

Today you can get all home kits for any type of test. Some kits are very accurate while some may not. The fault may not lie with the kit itself, but in the way it is applied or being used. The home cholesterol test is one such test, which is capable of usually giving perfectly accurate results however it seldom does so due to human error.

Most of the time a home cholesterol test will be accurate, however, doctors do not like to rely on the home cholesterol test and they would insist in taking another test from the lab if you go for treatment. Only when the lab tests results come, they would proceed with the treatment. This is not because the home cholesterol test is not accurate, but because it might be administered wrong for which the readings would come out wrong.

It would be a disaster to prescribe a treatment for cholesterol, when actually it turns out that the person is perfectly fine. This is the reason why doctors usually do not take into consideration the results of any home kit when it comes to serious afflictions such as high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

The home cholesterol test will be useful only when you can get your home physician to administer it for you; this is meaningful because even after the test is done, you would need a doctor to explain the results. This is why it is smarter if you took a lab test rather than a home cholesterol test. The latter would be useful only when there is a doctor close by who can guide in administering it, as well as reading the results correctly.

It is also important to mention here that any home test should actually be repeated in the lab for double confirmation. Such a way that if your home test results are wrong, you will know before you have to undergo any treatment.

If you follow the instruction exactly as given on the packet, the reading should be accurate. However, before you take any action regarding your health, ensure that you have the test repeated to confirm the findings.

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