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  1. there is not a necesity of being fat, to have a high cholesterol level. better not risk it, so exercise and keep up the good nutrition 🙂

  2. zigyzigy13 says:


  3. Can u give me the reference to coconut oil studies pls?

  4. liverpoolfcstrike says:

    if i am 30 minutes away from heart attack , and i i exersize that time , will i survive ? someone please tell me ! (REPLAY) ———->

  5. zigyzigy13 says:

    Just type coconut oil form google search. there are many websites that tell you the detail.
    I have another ULTIMATE CURe which I’m currently taking right now. It’s called MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement). It basically CURES almost all diseases including HIV, Cancer… To believe it or not that’s up to you but keep in mind that I could not go out form my house for about 10 months and after taking the first drop, I’m already walking. Spread this if you believe and I suggest you to take it too.

  6. Sirsasana1979 says:

    Get off the sugar and grains, that is prime inflammation factor #1.

  7. Advice4goodHealth says:

    Great? information -much needed at this time
    Thank you

  8. Where is the peer-reviewed scientific evidence that proves these claims for you product???

  9. SunnySeattle1 says:

    Please don’t buy into their marketing agenda. They are here to sell you a ‘miracle’ product that will not produce results.

    I wish it weren’t true, but there is no entirely reliable way to remove plaque from the arteries. Niacin and statins have showed promise in stabilizing plaques, but not removing them. The best we can hope for is to stop additional plaque buildup.

    Please show us the peer-reviewed research for your product.

  10. SunnySeattle1 says:

    Unfortunately, this is also not true. Eating saturated fat in order to remove cholesterol from your arteries is not the way to prevent cardiovascular disease.

    There is some evidence to show coconut oil may not raise your cholesterol levels as much as, say red meat or butter, but consuming it in order to lower cholesterol levels is terrible advice.

  11. zigyzigy13 says:

    YOu’re wrong and I have nothing to say to stupid people like you. Saturated fat??? That’s not the only nutritional facts that it is in it. Do some research in a google search about coconut oil and come back and type before you bash yourself infront of thoousands of people.

  12. Catherine8here says:

    Check out the Ornish diet. Dr. Dean Ornish suggests a diet to remove plaques. I say.. stay of sugary foods and eat plenty of vegetables… do not drink alcohol (sugar) do not smoke. I think that saturated fats from animals is OK but not when eaten with sugar (becomes oxidised).

  13. lexusnoir says:

    Coconuts taste good as well =]

  14. janiceskeen says:

    TF Cardio has vastly improved my stamina. I no longer have heart palps. I can walk 1hour on a treadmill where I once could not even bend down to tie my shoes. I have taken this product and TF for 7 years now and I have never felt better and younger in my life. There are over 3,000 studies that prove the effectiveness of this product.

  15. titansurge says:

    Thats taken straight from the paleolithic diet

  16. litebug12345 says:

    I started the program with the intention of taking Sterolyn for 90 instead of taking my cholesterol prescription meds. So that is what I’m doing. I have completed the 90 days with Sterolyn and the results are excellent. Total down from 276 to 196. LDL down from 203 to 134.

  17. TrustinYahweh says:

    I just take a good multi vitamin and I work out daily and I WATCH what I put in my body. Do that and you should be fine. Stay active and eat foods that DO NOT have trans or saturated fats.

  18. Do cardio , weight train , cut out all drugs and smoking and alcohol, eat fruits and vegetables with lean protein sources including fish. eat small frequent meals that are balanced. train till youve lost all fat on your body. maintain lifestyle

  19. lol new studies torpedoes cholesterol drugs to they came up with another drug. The pharma corps definitely deserves their billions for all the effort.

  20. JacewiththeAces says:

    Take OPC3 dietary supplement for strengthening Cardio Vascular Health

  21. Brainburner5 says:

    Blood cells aren’t like that! neiter is immune cells

  22. gunzkillu says:

    does chicken and white rice have trans fats?

  23. PanozGTR2 says:

    Oh? have you seen them then?