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  1. eatenbytheworms says:

    In my opinion this is the best health related video on Youtube.
    Hands down. Fantastic information and very well presented too. Keep up the good work man!

  2. joshrubineastwest says:

    Thanks bro! I appreciate it!

  3. HomesteadProvocateur says:

    Cholesterol is an anti oxidant needed for repair for all our cells and that is one of the causes of atherosclerosis. Acidification which is caused by processed food like cheerios, and cholesterol patches up the damage that is done to the arteries through free radical damage. So the real culprit is sugar, processed and refined foods. Cholesterol is everyone’s best friend. The SAD diet is a freaking joke, insanity my friend, keep educating people.

  4. HomesteadProvocateur says:

    Hey you are in Denver?!
    What are you doing here? If you are speaking in front of an audience I would attend..

  5. halobalo23 says:

    I never seen anyone go into so much detail like you do it clear you are the most informed person I’ve come across yet in alternative health.

  6. tinamia1979 says:

    My favorite fat is extra virgin organic coconut oil. I started taking it a few weeks ago and I have never felt better.

  7. wedapeepole says:

    check out the video on coconut oil on undergroundwellness page its informative

  8. wedapeepole says:

    where can you get raw milk and raw butter?

  9. ty99999returns says:

    Many of you may know this but…
    Cholesterol is needed to form Vitamin D on the skin. You even stated it its a precursor.
    Great info.

  10. From Organic Pastures. I love me some raw milk and raw butter. Thank God I live in California.

  11. wedapeepole says:

    why is california better for raw milk and butter? some places sell the milk advertised as for animals only at various farms but they are far away from each other

  12. topheramazz says:

    Josh…. thank u 4 the truth man!

  13. I believe Cali is the only state where you can buy raw dairy in stores.

  14. WellnessMafia says:

    Its crazy that we need to reach people through youtube with this stuff because its all so well hidden from ‘mainstream’ nutrition advise. Even our own Doctors dont understand cholesterol due to the pharmaceutical company regulated training that they go through. Thanks josh.

  15. dynamicwellness33 says:

    Holy crap, Rubin your getting to be more of a comedian every video you make! I thought you hit the ceiling on your poopy line up video. Keep up the good work my Boston brotha!

  16. airbuzzer says:

    Seriously, more people need to hear this information

  17. wishiremembered says:

    Good investigating.

  18. lionfoxxx says:

    I like that you talk louder now so I don’t have to crank up the volume.

  19. Spanisheyes27 says:

    Does cholesterol have anything to do with high blood pressure?

  20. rocker953 says:

    Wait. You don’t eat fruit? You said the only carbs you eat are vegetables. Fruit is the most natural food in my opinion and is the main part of my diet. Should I get my cholesterol checked to see if fruit may be making it too high? I exercise for at least an hour a day usually 2-3.

  21. joshrubineastwest says:

    I do eat fruit, but very little. I eat according to MY metabolic type!

  22. You Rock ! Carbs Kill ! Fruit natures Candy…