Cat health insurance is a great way to protect your feline from illness and injury. For literally a few bucks per month you can have peace of mind no matter what comes your way.

Taking good care of your cat requires diligence, awareness, and some monetary investment. As maintenance is the critical factor in preventing serious problems from occurring and minimizing the impact when issues do arise, going to the vet for 1 to 2 checkups per year is an essential minimum.

Many cat health insurance plans will cover routine visits to the vet. These regular office visits should consist of yearly vaccines, fecal and blood samples, and a thorough physical examination.

Without insurance you could expect to spend $75 to $200 per visit, per cat, depending on your exact regimen and the pricing in your region. A good cat insurance provider can save you substantially, even with 50% to 70% coverage.

Aside from your regularly scheduled exams, there is always the chance your cat(s) will need to go to the vet for unexpected reasons. Felines are potentially vulnerable to an entire range of specific ailments and diseases.

Problems like feline leukemia, distemper, and feline dental lesions are all very serious in nature, and likely to require expensive treatment. Cat health insurance will cover medical expenses associated with these and other illnesses.

Aside from pathological setbacks, felines are naturally prone to accident because of their curious and adventurous natures. Cat health insurance will help you pay for such traumas as vehicle accidents, poisoning, bite wounds, and more.

It’s not difficult to find cat insurance that offers coverage of 70%, 90%, and even 100%. And in many cases your deductible will be a very nominal $50 to $100.

In the event you accrue a veterinary bill of $1,000 or more (not uncommon by any means), a cat healthcare plan can make the difference between a major financial setback and a reasonable outlay. You should have no trouble finding numerous testimonials from cat owners who have saved tremendously because of their insurance policy.

Cat health insurance is available in a wide range of policy structures. You can choose a plan that covers only accidents, a program that handles accidents and selected illness, or even a complete system that supports all injury & disease, and includes a wellness plan.

Any good cat insurance company will provide you with a totally free quote. And you can then select your exact level of coverage according to your budget.

For many people, the question arises: What if I pay my cat health insurance for many years and my feline never gets ill or injured?

If this happens, congratulations! Your cat has led an amazingly healthy and fortunate life! And your insurance payments have allowed you to enjoy great peace of mind all the while.

It’s worth pointing out that all insurance, whether automotive, home, or health is largely about the comfort derived from knowing your coverage exists. Even if you never have to use your insurance plan, having it available will reduce your worry significantly.

And you can’t put a price tag on the peace and comfort of knowing you’ll be able to take good care of your feline friends no matter what comes up. These wonderful little creatures provide you with unconditional love and companionship for many years, it stands to reason that you return the favor by keeping them as safe as possible.

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