Do you need to lower your cholesterol? Is it possible to lower cholesterol naturally? Hmmm, a perplexing question. And one which a huge number of people need an answer to as so many people have high cholesterol and need to lower their levels.

The question “can you lower cholesterol naturally” is one which needs to be preceded by another question. When you ask can you lower cholesterol naturally what do you mean by “naturally”?

Lowering cholesterol isn’t easy, and there are a number of options to lower cholesterol and achieve better overall heart health. Some involve risks.

You can try drugs, statin drugs are the common cholesterol lowering drugs that are regularly prescribed by doctors. Or you can try a diet to lower cholesterol. Or you can try other methods like natural nutritional supplements and natural products which utilize active ingredients that are not “drugs”, that are naturally occuring and are known to be safe.

There is no clear answer to what is a “natural’ way to lower cholesterol. So for the purposes of this article I shall assume that “naturally” lowering cholesterol is lowering cholesterol levels without the use of drugs.

Because it’s the use of drugs that scares so many people. Maybe they’ve had a heart attack or their doctor says they need to pay more attention to their heart health, and next thing they’re on statin drugs which they will, it is assumed, take for the rest of their lives.

Statin drugs have their problems and have been linked to various health problems. Many people are very wary of going onto a drug long term that is linked to health problems.

The first thing to do then, when you seem to have high blood cholesterol levels or your doctor has suggested that you need to be more heart smart and pay more attention to your heart health, is to try a natural approach.

Just about everyone can benefit from a better diet, and a diet to lower cholesterol is one of the most important steps you can take in a “natural” (ie non drug) approach. We all eat too many processed foods and foods high in bad fats and so we should pay more attention to our diet.

Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is the key when looking for a diet that helps lower our cholesterol. Avoid too much meat and diary high in saturated fats, and substitute this with grains, vegetables and fruits.

And get plenty of exercise, exercise helps a lot in lowering cholesterol as well as with our overall health, and heart health is also a factor of overall health as well as total cholesterol levels.

But often a change in diet, and incorporating exercise into your daily routine isn’t sufficient to reduce cholesterol levels significantly. This is often because your body manufactures it’s own cholesterol, and changing your diet doesn’t stop this.

So if you’re looking for a natural approach you need to consider natural cholesterol lowering supplements as well.

The best natural supplements are those which tackle the problem from a range of angles. The very best natural cholesterol lowering supplement helps lower your LDL cholesterol, the bad one, and raise your HDL cholesterol, the good one.

It also helps lower your body’s production of cholesterol, and also helps reduce your body’s absorption of it in your gut from your food. On top of this it increases the excretion of bile acid, and bile acid carries cholesterol, so this too helps reduce your overall levels.

And it has other natural ingredients that offer more wide ranging benefits to your cardiovascular system generally, so giving you a boost to overall heart health.

And as this product is made from totally natural ingredients you don’t risk nasty side effects to your health that you risk if you elect to take statin drugs.

So yes, there is a way to lower cholesterol naturally. It involves a total natural approach including diet and exercise, and the use of natural cholesterol lowering supplements. It works and you don’t take any risk to your health from unwanted side effects that may result from prescription drugs.

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