monavie lowers cholesterol

Monavie is a proprietary product that claims to be a blend of 19 nutritionally dense fruits and the most potent form of the acai berry available. It is formulated to provide powerful antioxidants that help protect the body from free radical damage and the effects of aging while improving your overall health. There are several different blends of Monavie, including specific formulations to improve joint flexibility and mobility, support cell rejuvenation, lower cholesterol, or strengthen your body’s immune system.

Monavie offers a patented form of the acai berry called AcaVie which is an “exclusive ingredient [that] combines Monavie’s patented acai/jucara freeze-dried powder and puree with a new polyphenolic compound discovered in collaboration with leading government researchers.” In plain English this means that the vital nutrients and antioxidants are concentrated and enhanced, then tested to ensure the highest quality product.

Monavie Essential is designed for easy absorption, and the manufacturers state that a mere two to four ounces per day provides all the antioxidants and phytonutrients you need. Acai berry, the main ingredient in AcaVie, is rich in vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids, and is regarded as a superfood with 15 times more antioxidants than whole blueberries.

Monavie Essential contains 1 gram of fiber per ounce, much more than other juices. By comparison, eight ounces of orange juice contains 0 grams of fiber. Fiber aids in digestion and helps regulate blood sugar by slowing down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.

Monavie Essential scores a 46 on the Glycemic Index, which measures the speed that sugars in food enter your blood. Scores lower than 55 are considered low Glycemic Index — meaning they that slowly trickle glucose into your bloodstream keeping your energy levels balanced and keeping you feeling fuller for longer between meals. The Glycemic Index is an important tool in controlling heart disease and diabetes.

A full two-ounce serving of Monavie Essential contains only 10 milligrams of sodium. A diet low in sodium helps control hypertension, high blood pressure and can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Monavie Essential is only one of seven different products that Monavie offers. Monavie Active includes glucosamine and offers joint protection. Monavie Pulse has resveratrol and can help lower cholesterol. Monavie Kosher is certified kosher and supports general health and wellbeing. MonaVie M-mun™ strengthens your immune system. Monavie E and Monavie E Lite are energy drinks that boost alertness and help you fight fatigue.

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