Camp Eden Health Resort and Fitness Centre:

Camp Eden has been helping guests achieve their personal goals and make positive changes in their lives for over 23 years. Our philosophy of transformation is what makes Camp Eden so unique ?? ??inspiring, educating and empowering guests to transform their lives ??.

Camp Eden Health Retreat and Labyrinth Health Resort Center:

Camp Eden Health Resort is the perfect place to jump-start your goals and we specialize in Stress Management Therapy; Personal Development; Changing Habits; Weight Management Packages; Holistic Body Therapies and Massage, Spa Beauty Treatments, Acupuncture Health, Spa Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Weight Loss Retreats, Natural Healing & Sauna Steam Bath.  Whether you treat your stay as a time to relax your body and mind, or whether you have specific diseases, disorders or symptoms and emotional, physical and health objectives to meet, this is one of your best opportunities to focus on yourself.

Your holiday at Camp Eden Health Retreat allows you the seclusion from the outside world; the freedom to roam; to reflect; to contemplate and be in the spirit with what is around you. A chance to reconnect with yourself, surrender your old perceptions and see yourself with fresh eyes. Our guest numbers are limited so that we can maximize the benefits and experience for each guest and as importantly to protect and preserve the environment.

Environmental Health Resort & Sub Tropical Rainforest:    

Camp Eden Health Retreat allows you to enjoy the simplicity of its natural environment on 290 acres of tropical rainforest while catering to your desire for luxury in its resplendent ecologically sensitive accommodation. Our team of naturopaths, personal trainers, class instructors, chefs and holistic therapists will provide you with guidance and support during your stay.

Sub Tropical Rainforest:

The Camp Eden Health Retreat rainforest falls under the white booyong sub-alliance described by Floyd (1990).   Floyd emphasizes the conversation value of the white ebooyong alliance of the Tweed environs and describes it as one of the most luxuriant rainforests in NSW. Black Walnut, Veiny Lace Flower, Long-Leaved Tuckeroo, and the rare species southern fontanel were found in the rainforest                                

Camp Eden Health Holiday Resort Packages:

At Camp Eden Health Retreat you ‘ll find the perfect package to meet your needs. A weekend break is the perfect introduction to discover what it ‘s like to stay at a health retreat.

Weight Management Packages & Wight Loss Retreats:

Health Retreat and spa retreat offers a variety of packages, services and facilities to our clientele with a resort style accommodation with on site day spa and health spa. Refresh and renew with a fitness and health retreat or yoga retreat package, simply relax and indulge your spa retreat fantasies or explore your creative side with our weight loss & management retreat packages and classes.

Personal Development Resort Packages:

A prime choice of holistic therapies for achieving self knowledge and personal growth. Find out more about who you are and broaden your perspective by releasing potential blockages to unfold your true potential. A safe and gentle way to an expanded sense of self-esteem, empowerment and creativity.  All our rates are inclusive of accommodation, all meals, all activities and  use of all facilitiety

Camp Eden ?? Luxury Accommodation:

When you enter the gates of Camp Eden Health Retreat you can breathe a sigh of relief as you plunge into the serenity of Australia ‘s leading health Retreat. It is the perfect place to relax, refresh & revitalize. It Provides various 5 Star Luxury Accommodation in Camp Eden Health Resort.

?¢ Rainforest Retreat (Twin)

?¢ Valley View Deluxe (Single & Twin)

?¢ Eden Sanctuary (Single)

?¢ Hillside Haven (Single)

Camp Eden Health Resort Activities & Facilities:

When you stay at Camp Eden Health Retreat all the planning is done for you ?? your personal consultation will customize your program allowing you to personally plan your preferred levels of participation and relaxation during each day of your stay.

Our Facilities Include:

You will find our facilities at Camp Eden Health Retreat complement your experience of the tranquil surroundings and will make the outside world seem a million miles away.

It Provides major Activities & Facilities in Spa Beauty Therapy Centre ?¢ Mountain Bikes ?¢ Boutique ?¢ Natural Healing Bath ?¢ Car Parking ?¢ Sauna Sun Bath ?¢ Fitness Centre/Gym ?¢ Steam Room ?¢ Guest Laundry ?¢ Tennis Courts ?¢ Heated Salt Water Pool ?¢ Volleyball Courts

Holistic Spa Beauty & Natural Healing Therapy:

A Holistic Health Retreat program will work on various aspects simultaneously, to improve your health. Whether you participate in a holistic health retreat, holistic body therapies & treatments, juice fast, colon cleanse, natural healing, spa aromatherapy & essential oils, acupuncture health,  safe and effective weight loss retreat, neuroarobics, yoga, meditation or other therapies or a simple pamper treatment at a health retreat spa, you are bound to return home feeling more healthy and radiant.

Natural Healing Retreat is the perfect place to get back to nature and be enveloped by the healing atmosphere of serenity and calmness. It is truly a special experience to be the only guest, enjoying the facilicities.

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