Calorie Restriction Joseph Cordell

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  1. Jason M says:

    If I am on the low calorie diet and I only want to consume a limited about of calories and still keep it healthy, how many calories should i consume at each meal? I am trying to keep it under 1500 per day.

  2. notoriginals says:

    I totally believe this 🙂 Great vid
    keeping your body clean inside.

  3. Entropy56 says:

    These skinny people truly look bad. Their faces are gaunt and lined.

    Google this and weep: Chubby people live longest: Japan study

    You’ve just been pwned!

  4. matthewlake182 says:

    Skinny people aren’t on CR. CR is about reduced calories and nothing to do with weight. The article I just read stated

    “Main reasons for the shorter lifespans of skinny people were believed to include their heightened vulnerability to diseases such as pneumonia and the fragility of their blood vessels, he said.”

    People on CR have blood vessels and heart function that seem decades younger than their age. And also rarely get sick…

  5. matthewlake182 says:

    Okinawans also were thin and the centenarians remained slim all their life. They ate a good diet, similar to CR but not as good. You should check out my blog. Google Matts calorie restriction

  6. matthewlake182 says:

    Also don’t foget, there have been plenty of other studies to show being very skinny is associated with less morbidty and decreased mortality, or no effect at all 😉

  7. firelily says:

    he has twitter tho called ‘ the calorist’ IIRC from last night’s TV report

  8. firelily says:

    Starved and unhealthy people looks really bad but people who are on CR is more about eating MORE nutritious food for less calories.

    Japan has the world’s largest population of octogenarians but not because they’re chubby but because they eat a lot of fish (omega 3s) and they eat a very lean diet as compared to the regular American diet. Japanese also believe in the principle of stop eating when you feel semi-full.

  9. Entropy56 says:

    Well, all these people have pencil necks and it doesn’t look good to me.

  10. MissAries76 says:

    I saw this guy on abc news last night. Could someone give me the correct name for his twitter page. I tried to look him up and I couldn’t find his name. He looks for fabulous to be 51.

  11. firelily says:

    LOL… beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  12. ShelterDogs says:

    His Twitter page is Twitter forward slash TheCalorist.

  13. ShelterDogs says:

    But I think they only look that way to you because of how things have changed in the past 30 years or so. People never used to be so big as they are today. And now we are just used to it. And when we see someone that is 30 pounds overweight, a lot of people think that person looks “normal.”

  14. igoronline says:

    WOW! he might look a little bit skinny, but being 51 looking like early twenties ?! Im in =p

  15. ripperduck says:

    Doesn’t he though? I would have guessed late 30’s. The reason I say that is that most 51 year olds already have th gut, jowls and thickness which typifies someone older. But this guy is totally the opposite. I’m 42 and have been eating less for several years now. Trying to avoid meat, though occasionally I’ll eat some, avoiding refined sugar, despite how hard that is, and I’ve been able to lose the overall body fat and gut that I carried for years….

  16. lazur1 says:

    This man seems to have found a more reasonable way of practicing CR than most others I’ve seen. Many CRers look older than they actually are , in spite of whatever great numbers their blood tests are showing. What’s the difference beween the ‘good’ CRers & the ‘bad’ ones’?

  17. matthewlake182 says:

    well almost every CRer started from age 50… you understand? Aging started decades ago. You’ll mostly likely see young looking CRers when the young people like me who started from age 18 reach their 30’s, 40, 50 ‘s and so on…. there is also the fact that being skinny can just make u look ill. So its difficult. Look bad but have longer life? or find a balance… its ur choice really. Im 25 2 weeks and people mistake me for being 17 all the time, so it must work for some of us 😛

  18. matthewlake182 says:

    25 in 2 weeks time i meant.

  19. lazur1 says:

    Thanks. I’d think that most folks would need to get s c a r e d into living cleaner, which usually wouldn’t occur until late-middle age. 18 yr-olds dont usually pay any immediately noticeable ‘price’ for eating crap, so I don’t imagine a huge sample of such subjects in the future. (I hope I’m wrong.) What got you into CR? Does being skinny make -you- look sick?

  20. matthewlake182 says:

    well some people think so, i mean my BMI is freakishly low at 17.5 right now…. but almost EVERYONE say i look so young. You can check out my blog if you want. google ‘matts cr’.

    I think I would look better with more weight… but in time, maybe i will naturally gain a bit of weight back through slower metabolism. I hope so!.

  21. lazur1 says:

    Also 5’9″, 130 isn’t all that outrageous: Only 15 lbs less than old-school insurance tables list for medium-frame males. Perhaps Joe isn’t quite as restrictive as some others. I’ve seen 6′ CRers who don’t weigh much more than he does.

  22. lazur1 says:

    At 24, you look like your own, healthier, 19 year old twin brother. 1/Do you have any athletic interests that you can use to compare your pre&post-CR performance? 2/You don’t appear to have been sickly or obese before, so what inspired you to change your lifestyle so drasticly? 3/Most importantly, do you FEEL young?

  23. xboondocksx says:

    is there a Joseph Cordell Diet i can follow ?

  24. matthewlake182 says:

    google “the calorist” :p

  25. madmankitchen says:

    that guy was eating fries.

  26. MissSunny9 says:

    CR what? He’s a DILF. XD

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