Bodybuilding: Stunts Teen Growth?

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  1. Victoria T says:

    im 15 year og age 5″11 and 66 kilo i wanna start weights but i heard you have to be fully grown to start them and i still wanna grow?
    and if i should be doin weights what weights do you recommand?

  2. 300zx1985 says:

    why cant ur body absord it with milk? makes no since

  3. 4330890 says:

    nigga fuck vegetables i gained 50 pounds of lean mass with mcdonalds and steak biachhh love your hats its nice

  4. 4330890 says:

    nigga your right its even proven that if you do your legs your upper body gets stronger yeaa boyy

  5. mrimsoperfect says:

    why did you take steroids?

  6. dodgerman16 says:

    Hi, i was wondering when those teen exercise videos will be put up? Also Great videos keep up the good work.

  7. Sprounch1 says:

    scooby has leg workouts..

  8. tyom123 says:

    no he hasnt got any legworkouts, look at his legs, if you really know something about “bodybuilding”


  9. j1996g says:


  10. dachamp800 says:

    Hello Scooby. Im a 14 year old boy. Im reasonably strong, have good knowledge of technique and dieting, and all of that stuff. My only dilemma is that im terribly unorganized and have a bad workout regimen thats pretty random. If you could find the time, could you give me your workout regimen for monday-sunday? Thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂

  11. lx304xl says:

    lol i like how you do your vids without a shirt on

  12. HotSo0P says:

    He’s got some great workout plans on his website, check em out!

  13. squirrelhunter9999 says:

    lol you got glitter on yourself

  14. thelifeuwant says:

    thank you very much, your video is both very informative and entertaining 😀

  15. JUNKGEE83 says:

    dont diet when you are that age. it will give problems later on and stun your growth. fill up with carbs (mostly good ones) and dont care if you get a little flab. its better to loose that when you get older. learn from my mistakes.

  16. glenhaha says:

    how about that teen workout video soon scooby?

  17. aurele007 says:

    Whats about the implant :))

  18. 5651337 says:

    thx bro!!!

  19. Z3llix says:

    Hey guys. I was wondering, I’m 19 now and do light workouts atm but when I was younger I did a lot of heavy weight and did take pro-hormones. I seem to have stopped growing about 5 10″, which I’m not too worried about my mum is much shorter anyway. But my shoulder width is quite small, does this usually change with age? I ask because a lot of my friends have small shoulders but then you look at some guys my age and they look more developed, more like an adult.

  20. excabilus says:

    Well no offense m8 but you’re quite short so you shoudldn’t expect to have big shoulders only from growing… A male stops growing around the age of 20, and you probably wont grow much more so you should do shoulder exercies with slow reps with 3-4 series (10-10-8-8) and you should have 5-6 hot meals per day, for your height i would say 2500 calories or so would be more then enough (~500 per meal) and try to get up mass. If u will put on weight also your shoulders will eventually look and be big

  21. BiggCojones says:

    Nice tip!
    Nice Gilligan hat! (just kidding)
    Thanks to you I´ve saved lot of money working out at home istead of going to the gym!

  22. StripedTriangle says:

    I was reading a comment that sayed all the bodybuilders at someones school were short. I believe that is just bad luck. I have been bodybuilding for about a year now, and have grown 4 inches since I started.

  23. StripedTriangle says:

    lol said* my bad

  24. Mustainez1 says:

    well dude im 14 and im 5’7 🙁

  25. scooby1961 says:

    The teen workout video is coming, taking a bit more research and though than I expected.

  26. scooby1961 says:

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