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  1. PoohBearPenguin says:

    My question is has anyone else had to have more then one blood sugar test done? She is 36 weeks along and ready to have it, she’s dilated to 2 and about 50 percent effaced. She wants to start working, do you think she should?
    I seen that I put working… what I ment to say was start walking? sorry about the confusion.

  2. I had one fasting blood sugar test that was 2 points above normal. Should I make dietary changes now or should I get another test or take another TYPE of test?

    Since I already exercise regularly (and vigorously) and am a normal weight, I’d prefer not to restrict my diet if I don’t have to. BUT I also don’t want to ignore the results.

    My doctor didn’t recommend any changes. He just said we’d redo the test next year.