1. They like to blame The Cubs for everything.

  2. yourmomsbrother says:

    mmmmmmmm five guys

  3. great minds really think alike. I put my version up, and realized there was a bunch of people wit the same concept. check mine out. yours is hot.

  4. guardedrose77 says:

    Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so talented…keep it up brother you are destined for really great things!!!

  5. BebeDaKing says:

    hahaha nigga! wth now you gota video now??????

    hahahabut im fat soo you know i cant run! omg dj i love you man….yo and you gotta put that TREK BIKE YOUNG JEEZY THING UP SOONNN!!!


  6. BebeDaKing says:

    DJ, you one trip in a half!!!!! Great job with this video clip and song.

  7. 2:09
    I know her! Where u get that picture from??

  8. moemo477x says:

    omg this is one of me and mine friends favorite youtbe vid… we are alway singing it… everyone thinks we are crazy….. we love it tho

  9. returns04 says:

    this shit is off the chain. nice work

  10. FaceBookFanatic3 says:

    is she from milwaukee?

  11. momentsospecial says:

    this is too d.o.p.e =)

  12. DJLugoInc says:

    Hahah… I appreciate it!

  13. patsandsoxsuk23 says:

    this iz 4 u matt….2moro iz ur big day..oo hi

  14. rapper303 says:

    check out my version of the song
    click on rapper303 to check it out

  15. 22iluvhollister says:

    hahahahaha so frickin funny i luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 22iluvhollister says:

    he got it from abibobby (im hindu) (JK!!!!!!!)

  17. jnunez0429 says:

    Ha your crazy DJ. This shit is sick.

  18. Lemos4Life22 says:

    what up it’s mike from target. i finally found this shit lol. Hella funny

  19. xbabyvainx says:

    loool this is jokes mayn !

    5 stars !

  20. backoffbackoff says:

    Good one. HAHAHAHA.

  21. wow! so amazin buddy! so watch out fat ass! lol!

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