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  1. Scott Bull says:

    I sent my friend this apology letter…

    Hey Aaron I want to tell you how truly sorry I am for hurting you and causing you grief for my actions. I didn’t mean to intentionally do that in any way….I was just very busy with my woodworking projects, because I had to get it done on a last minute basic as well as a Europe trip poster board for my Algebra class….I take full blame for that because you are right that I should have been more respectful with my replied…I should of let you know my plans ahead of time and can understand if you are still upset at me because I have been put in the same situation so I had no right to do that to you. I’m also sorry for not understanding that you took my busy schedule as “playing games”l This was all a bad misunderstanding on my part and I can guarantee that will never happen again…If you’re ok with it I will always message you as soon as I can so you can see I mean ever word I say. And if you want we can still hang,…because I would still love to see you this summer.
    Even though we haven’t talked for long I consider you a good friend, and not having you around does make me feel lonely. I enjoy getting to know you and all the things I found out we had in common. I love your sense of humor and how open we are which if you’d be willing to forgive me I would love to have that again between us. I know I can’t erase what I’ve done but perhaps we can work this out and I can make things up to you in any way. But if you choose not to continue our friendship it’s totally understandable.

    And he responded back with this:

    Exactly!! U AINT WORTH MY TIME..now bye ur blocked AGAIN! go play with ur boring i want ur p.u.s.s.y slobs that u mess with and then u lie and say ur too busy to msg me back..ummm 24 hrs is more then enuff time to get back to me so **** you! p.s. u aint never gonna find a friend like me ever..GUARANTEED!