Black Bean Recipe Ideas and Health Benefits

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  1. Keaton says:

    These are a few foods I have questions about. Thanks in advance 🙂
    -peanut butter
    -potato / potato chips
    -fat free milk
    -black bean burgers
    -wheat bread

    i just started a vegan diet so how can i get my protein or any other vitamins im missing out on?
    Thanks 🙂

  2. happyha31 says:

    I’m following weight watchers, i’m saving points all through the week for my weekend takeaway.

    I’m not eating chocolate, having plenty of fruit and veg and going on a half and hours walk every day!

    Any tips of ideas i want to lose 31/2 stone by the summer
    I am recommened to have 23 points a day and i’m on average only having 16.5
    I’m a veggie

  3. cindeej says:

    how interesting! I’ve learned a lot from your very informative videos, they are packed full of knowlegde and very good recipe ideas, I’m definately going to try this recipe and as always…I’ve learned much about black beans! thanks.

  4. koolbossjock says:

    i do not have a problem with gas,but the people around me stumbled across this channel,interesting and right up my alley.

  5. NutritionalChoice says:

    Thanks so much for the feedback everyone!

  6. NutritionalChoice says:

    there’s always beano!

  7. bolillo239 says:

    i love black beans, check out my video on my page, entitled black beans forever.

  8. NutritionalChoice says:


  9. johnny102marvin says:

    OK….I am going to make a black bean breakfast burrito. sounds great.

  10. NutritionalChoice says:


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