saturated fat and cardio disease lies exposed

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition just published the results of a major Japanese study on saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease. Investigators measured dietary habits, then followed 58,453 men and women for 14.1 years. They found that people who ate the most saturated fat had the same heart attack risk as those who ate the least*. Furthermore, people who ate the most saturated fat had a lower risk of stroke than those who ate the least. It’s notable that stroke is a larger public health threat in Japan than heart attacks.

This is broadly consistent with the rest of the observational studies examining saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease risk. A recent review paper by Dr. Ronald Krauss’s group summed up what is obvious to any unbiased person who is familiar with the literature, that saturated fat consumption doesn’t associate with heart attack risk. In a series of editorials, some of his colleagues attempted to discredit and intimidate him after its publication . No meta-analysis is perfect, but their criticisms were largely unfounded.

*Actually, people who ate the most saturated fat had a lower risk but it wasn’t statistically significant.

Saturated fat lies exposed!


  1. FatHeadMovie says:

    You got me there. If people are living longer, there’s really no reason to point that the Lipid Hypothesis is wrong, that the anti-fat scare has made people fatter and diabetic and put them on loads of needless drugs. Hey, we’re living longer, so we don’t care if spend those extra years doped up and sick all the time! Stop complaining!

    Excellent point.

  2. MncDssctn says:

    Yup, and if we combined our medical technology with not eating junk (sugar and starch) people in the US would live even longer.

  3. TheFatExperiment says:

    ha, no chance of that! I get parts of it stuck in my head… particularly the “would you like a hot fudge sundae?” “would you like a hot apple pie?” “would you like a large order of fries?” part. you’re a funny guy!

  4. XxPnuemaxX says:

    I have a question for ya though, Tom. I’m fine with animal fat, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, seeds, fruits n veggies. But what about dairy products? I don’t wanna throw a common vegan argument at you but we’re the only species that drinks another species’ milk, and the only one that drinks it past childhood. Not to mention dairy’s been blamed for acne, which I have and want to get rid of. Are cheese, butter, and whole milk REALLY natural foods we’ve eaten for millions of years?

  5. XxPnuemaxX says:

    Not to mention, if you cut carbs out of the equation, the asian diet is practically sugar free. Americans hate their desserts because they don’t taste as sweet as they’re used to. Asians come to America and think EVERYTHING tastes like sugar.

  6. FatHeadMovie says:

    Sugar and starch have way more to do with acne than dairy.

    We clearly don’t need dairy products. Hard-core paleo eaters don’t consume them. But roughly half of us tolerate them just fine or even benefit from them — the necessary genetic mutation occurred thousands of years ago, mostly in Europe.

    What’s considered an intolerance to dairy is often only a reaction to homogenized/pasteurized milk products. I eat raw-milk cheese now, and it’s very easy to digest.

  7. englishkid99 says:

    silver water/coloide/mms wil get rid of acne as it is only a bacteria in ur blood. they will kill all known stuff that should not be ther !

  8. englishkid99 says:

    they did! like your grandparents ! no offence! but thats coz they didnt eat as much crap as us

  9. XxPnuemaxX says:

    You mean colloidal silver?

  10. unknownperson3333 says:

    people aren’t living longer; they are dying longer

  11. SatansMullet says:

    @unknownperson3333 till we come up with a way to live forever. we are all kinda dying so that isnt the point. but just so you know which side im on (yours or someone elses) due to fucked up food i had to have my gallbladder taken out. which the surgery was fucked up on. now im in constant pain and the doctors WONT help me. so fuck doctors and fuck the people who make this trash food we eat today

  12. Can someone help me out, this guy says we’ve only been farming and eating grain since yesterday, humans have been eating grain (bread) since the neolithic days, it’s the oldest food, did I miss something?

  13. FatHeadMovie says:

    Agriculture began about 12,000 years ago and only spread to some parts of the world 5,000 years ago. Humans have been around in one form or another for millions of years.

    Bread is by no means the oldest food.

  14. therunningpianist42 says:

    I really like the beginning of this clip. :3

  15. Yes, in fact I think the same thing applies to milk, we begun drinking milk with cattle domestication, not before.

  16. TrinePluto says:

    One might think this video is an oversimplification, but honestly the first 30 seconds or so tells all you really need to know.

  17. josefb20017 says:

    Me too – the raw dairy. When I drink regular milk, even the organic stuff, It is flatus city:-).

    However, when I drink the raw, grass-fed, unpasturized and un homogenized stuff I am completely fine.

    They both have lactose, so it can’t be the probelm.

  18. graftonreed says:

    The problem with this is that we use to only live to the age of 35 or 40 mainly due to disease and poor hygiene. You can’t compare past dietary lifestyles to today. That being said, Fat is and has been way over-inflated as a cause of poor health. It is the processed foods (chips & sodas) and a sedentary existence that are the real culprits. Eat less. That’s the mantra. Less is More, when it comes to food.

  19. can you get a version for europe?

  20. artsyhipster says:

    Thank you. I was a vegetarian for 8 years. I started eating meat 6 mos ago when I got pregnant. I’m getting into Paleolithic Nutrition thanks to my husband…and guess what?
    Since I’ve been eating more meat, veggies (protein & fiber) & fats, I’ve lost more weight! Definitely NO sugar!

    THANK YOU! The irony of it all!

  21. artsyhipster says:

    By the way, we also only eat grass-fed and organically raised beef!

  22. FatHeadMovie says:

    I know the feeling. During my vegetarian days, I kept getting a little fatter every year.

  23. FatHeadMovie says:

    We’re working on it. Apparently the DVD distributors in other countries aren’t big on investing in little indie films. If nothing else, I’m going to try to make it available on iTunes overseas.

  24. echelonfilms says:

    @graftonreed Not true actually. Take out infant mortality and getting eaten by lions and we actually lived well into our sixties and seventies. One problem is that these paleolithic 60 & 70 year olds do not show the signs of degeneration in their skeletons that WE expect from people that old.

  25. graftonreed says:

    @ echelonfilms No, Archaeologist have determined that paleolithic life expectancy was about 33 years old. That’s not skewed by infant mortality rate, just the raw de facto results from excavations.
    That not withstanding…… believe what you want.

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