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  1. Roflcopter says:

    actually, i am the picky eatter… but im trying to eat more healthy foods! i dont like meat except ground beef, ham, chicken, or bacon. & i cant eat anything spicy! also, im not much of a veggie eatter. i’ve tried to like them but just cant 🙁 if you know of a web site, cook book or just recipes you could recommend it would be MUCH appriciated! thank you 🙂

  2. daleandlyn says:

    looks really good and healthy

  3. Tried it, tastes great! Very easy to cook too 🙂 Keep posting yummy healthy recipes.

  4. grendle1500 says:

    Nice Video, very informative!

  5. palmernuts says:

    ohh this is just so lovley

  6. nursepeachy says:

    looks great, trying it tonight!


    could baby corn or can corn work as a substitute?

  8. Canned food in a healthy recipe? Bye bye…

  9. hayden4529 says:

    yer baked beens are god for you hahah and what ciched pes

  10. PatagoniaPedro says:

    Rinse them well is all you need to do 🙂

  11. rodrigo18r says:

    amazing, i will def make this.

  12. ziKaMina72 says:

    i don’t think I’ll be eating all of that but it looks delicious! 🙂

  13. kids will never eat that expecially with bell peppers in it!….get real……

  14. Kids that are raised on healthy food will eat this. If they are McD’s regulars… probably not.

    Obviously it is easy to chg the recipe – I don’t like green bell pepper and use red instead. yum!

  15. Jarthome, my whole family, including kids, love this recipe, bell peppers and all. I agree, it all depends upon what types of food you regularly offer your children.

  16. BestFruitNow says:

    This is one of my favorite recipes!

  17. 1q2w3e4r911 says:

    Dried Beans and olive oil would be best for our health. Less salt and omega fats.

  18. amesguy515 says:

    I just use italian dressing.

  19. koolbossjock says:

    I made this and it was good for a day,then the olive oil turned like a glue and had to throw it out.If there was a way to dump the olive oil( I love olive oil) in this recipe it would of been a whole lot better and lasted longer.Next time i might just make a fat free Italian dressing and use it instead.

  20. Robopencil says:

    @koolbossjock That’s what happens when you refrigerate olive oil. :/

  21. koolbossjock says:

    Ya i know,i thought maybe being deluted with Balsamic would stop that from happening.Maybe I just use my home made salad dressing.Man that salad looked like

  22. @koolbossjock

    sorry I’m not a cook. I usually eat cereal and canned foods 3 meals a day (college diet)

    but if this helps any,
    Maybe instead of pouring your olive oil dressing into the big bowl of salad, put it into a separate bottle as if or bowl and spoon it into the serving size of bean salad that you are ready to eat.

    but like i said, I suck at cooking, so there may be something that I’m not factoring in that may make my idea obsolete.

    good luck