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  1. My family is vegetarian and today I have an inexplicable craving for soup. What’s a good veg recipe? Thanks :]

  2. iloveterriers says:

    You’re just here to be rude and demeaning to other people. Find a better hobby.

  3. atkimanchristmas says:

    You cry when you are isulted but you say things like “I would rather help and animal then someone like you”
    like that’s not insulting? I don’t give a rats ass what you eat or don’t eat, but don’t come on here spouting about how low we are because we disagree and threaten us. Go ahead and report us to YouTube you misurable close minded punk!

  4. ASithTheyCalledEmo says:

    I find that offensive!!!!
    Plants have much of a life force and a spirit just like any other living thing!

  5. Goody2shoesambe says:

    there is a simple argument:

    If you are INTELLIGENT enough to feel sorry for an animal subject to CRUELTY…

    …then you should be INTELLIGENT enough not to KILL it and EAT it.

    case closed.

  6. ladyshamballa says:

    Keep this in mind..Every 35 seconds someone dies of a heart attack..
    It is a documented fact that 90% of cancer would be reduced if one were vegetarian.
    The real dilema here is that most that inhabit this planet are perfectly possessed and quite content to be so. Jesus spent alot of time casting out demons..forget the poor animals your lives are so whack from disfunction and drugs and meaness towards each other you can’t even comphrehend non violence OR vegetarianism. Your just mean spirited!!

  7. klapperich7 says:

    dont forget now, all u people mostly fall for ADVERTISING , it can sell dog food and we will eat it , for example. TACO BELL. MCDONALDS.and so on….

  8. IndianSettler says:

    When you eat a lot of meat products you don’t just get fat but other health issues occur from head to two. Your knees will be weaken because they have more weight to carry. PLUS the gap between the knees gets narrow so two joints are struck with each and that costs a LOT of pain.

  9. GuyBelowFails says:

    Ever heard of exercising? You can eat meat and still be healthy. I’m living proof, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of athletes in the world that eat meat. Granted if you eat meat you’ll have to exercise a little more, but that’s a trade most of us are willing to make, because we don’t let our diet control our lives.

    Also the Japanese and Korean people are the longest lived on Earth, and they eat a lot of meat. Granted they also eat a lot of veggies.

  10. GuyBelowFails says:

    ……..what?…..I’m sorry, but you have just baffled me with that comment. I bet you believe that if we train hard enough, we can fire these mythical “Haduken” Fireballs. I bet you are one of the students in this video-


  11. IndianSettler says:

    TO “GuyBelowFails ”

    The point is not whether you should eat meat because you can digest it via working out. The point is animals feels the same pain as Humans do. So, you are totally out of topic with your comment. If you have enough time then sure you can work out but there are jobs that requires 18 hours of work on computer. How are you gonna digest meat in that case?

  12. GuyBelowFails says:

    My comment was directed at YOU, not the video. YOUR post pretty much said, “Eat meat, you become fat and unhealthy” and I said that’s bullshit.

    And it also sounds like your saying some people don’t have time to work out. Well here’s a quote from the G.Sgt at my school, “Whoever say that they don’t have time, their lying” And it’s true. The Admin Officer at my school shows up for work at 0500 and stays till 2100 everyday, and he still has time for at least a simple workout and stays in shape

  13. IndianSettler says:

    Well, I didn’t say that YOU would become fat as you have violent picture in your profile. lol. UFC…guys fight from UFO. Anyway…thanks for responding.

  14. IndianSettler says:

    It does NOT just sound, it is true that MANY people do not have time to work out. Even the school kids. Oh..yeah… you can have as much time working as you want if not getting good grades and not lazy at all.

  15. IndianSettler says:

    How many people do work out in America. I have been to GYMS in STL. They are 70% empty. Of course McDonalds are pretty full….everyday!

  16. GuyBelowFails says:

    I’m sure anyone can afford to spend at least 20-30 mins before bed to do a short workout. That’s what I did to stay in shape back in high school. Going to bed now and going to bed 20-30 minuets later won’t make a world of difference.

    Also, your saying it like meat lovers eat nothing but meat. I love a steak dinner, but even on my steak dish, there’s more vegetables on it then meat. It’s like that for most meat eaters.

  17. GuyBelowFails says:

    And yes maybe there are some people who eat nothing but burgers and wings all their life, and most likely, they don’t work out, and they’re probably have a beer gut going for them, but that’s their choice. There are many disadvantages to being fat, but you veggie loves like to make it look like fat people are sub-human. I have three friends that are overweight, but I like hanging out with them.

  18. kprice1990 says:

    can i just say tht do animals not feel pain when a lion for instance eats a zebra ?? or is it ok because its an animal, tbh i think id rather be shot in the head apose to being eaten alive…ohh the inhumanity haha, we have K9 teeth, i think that speaks for itself .. fk u hippy bastards<<< contridict tht XD haha

  19. anthonyscifres says:

    You get the wrong idea about most vegans and vegetarians. I, for instance, am not opposed to natural selection and hunter vs. prey style diet. However, as omnivores we have a choice, we do have canines to chew meat. What I am against is raising an animal and keeping it from living a free and healthy lifestyle for the sole purpose of having “tender meat” I find this, along with keeping a cow on a milk suction machine for hours and killing it once it “dries up” are inhumane concepts.

  20. Knightofjustice1 says:

    Dr. Acharya Yogeesh, your a wise man with a great message of peace and spiritual development.I am very greatful for the teachings of the spiritual side of yoga and hatha yoga as these have been the path that has led me to health and inner peace.

    Thank you, live vegan(or vegetarian).

  21. coolcalli3000 says:

    im a veggie aka vegatarian please help that sentence all over youtube to help show that there is vegatarians and how much it is to eat meat!!!

  22. Kikkies68 says:

    Love this guy. Hes really inspiring. Specially for a Vegetarian like me.

  23. chakrachaser says:

    Bless you, I was raised in farming, hunter family, I have seen and done things as a child young adult that bring tears to my eyes and heart to remember:( Thanks to Jain, and other religions I am waking up, and have an incredible compassion for all creatures now. I have so much restition to pay and do it with an open heat, and love for all creatures.

  24. PrankLocalCalls says:

    (reply) Yup and your ‘K9’ teeth are dull and your jaw structure is only capable of chewing a small amount of food at a time. So don’t try to use that argument in a logical way. . .

  25. I dont mind vegetarians, but do they all have to be like Ghandi?

  26. Ganondorf112 says:

    These need more views