Talking to your friends has gotten you excited about getting six pack abs. You are now bound and determined to make every effort to try various weight reduction and abdominal muscle toning exercises to get them.  Stop.  First you must find out how to get your six pack abs the safe and healthy way.

For most, a strict diet will be a part of the program. It’s important to remember that not everybody can get accustomed to a stringent diet of fat loss.

You might be more prone to side effects if you fail to take proper care of yourself while transitioning and working to get those six pack abs!  You need to know how to safely get six pack abs. So here are some facts that you must keep in mind while working to lose your fat around your abdomen.


I always suggest that you ask the advice of a medical doctor before following a particular six pack abs or diet routine to make sure you don’t have any limitations.

Don’t start with a really difficult routine at first. Start slow so you don’t hurt yourself or get too sore.  Increase your load gradually. Always do your warm ups before the heavy duty exercising. You might have a brisk walk, jog or other cardio warm up in or outside of the gym.  If you are in the gym, there are plenty of cardio machines to use.


Do not skip meals. You’ll probably eat too much at the next meal to compensate for being too hungry. Or your blood sugar level might dip too low – making you weak and shaky.  You may not recover until the next day after you’ve had a good night’s sleep. Now that would be a waste of day!

Fiber in your diet is important, but don’t add too much at once if it doesn’t suit you. Fiber may often lead to gas which may result in discomfort and swelling around the belly. To prevent such a situation drink plenty of water with your high fiber diet. Again, ease into increasing your fiber to avoid any discomfort.

Try to not indulge in high calorie junk food and drinks, especially with a high sugar and/or sodium content. This will prevent you from toning your abs muscles. Make sure to have low calorie, natural food snacks between your meals.


Abs machines, as advertised on TV, aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. It might be easier for you to actually do the sit ups and crunches all by yourself instead of getting hold of an abs machine to help you out.

Avoid excessive exercising if you have a back problem.  Seek a trainer to help you modify your exercises to more safely get you six pack abs without straining or hurting your back more.

Eat a well balanced diet, at the correct time and in the right amounts. Avoid diet pills as their long term effect can be harmful to your health.

Be safe when working on getting your six pack so you will enjoy the benefits of having them when your get there.  This will be your key to success.

Be Healthy,
Renee’ Barnes-Orozco

P.S. Please check with your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise routine.

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