It is a well known cardiac stimulates and stimulates the muscles of the heart to function effectively and supply blood to all parts of the body. It helps in lowering the blood cholesterol level and prevents blockage of the arteries of the heart.

The above medications are just a few that your doctor can prescribe for you according to your heart condition. The heart is one of the most vital organs in our body. That is why taking medications are a very serious matter. This could prevent your heart from functioning.

It refers to the blocking of the vessels that supply blood to the heart because of the clots that obstruct the normal flow of blood. That eventually leads to heart attack. I knew a man who was not of the wisest nature and whenever he travels on his short weekend trips would take all of us heart medication on Friday afternoon so he would not have to take them with him.

Home Remedies for Heart Care: –

* Consuming amla daily is the best remedy to avoid heart problems.
* Lemon consumption daily helps in dissolving the plaques that are formed in the arteries.
* Juice of beet is an effective remedy for treating heard related disorders.
* Consuming two pieces of garlic everyday in boiled milk is good for your heart care.
* Intake of parsley tea helps in preventing heart troubles
* Grapes juice is highly recommend as it tones up the heart muscles and helps in resolving heart problems.
* Apple is an excellent heart stimulant and it tones up the heart muscles.
* Consuming a good amount of vitamin E in the diet also helps in preventing heart troubles.
* Brisk walk every day and every day exercise helps in reducing risk of heart troubles.
* Don’t smoke as it weaken the arte

The first time he proclaimed that the room went round and he was dizzy for a while. This did not stop him the next time he did this when he stood up his heart stopped. Yes, the man died at the age of 55 years simply because he mismanaged his medications. Please only take what your doctor recommends and only as it is prescribed.

Following are the cause that causes heart ailments: –

* Hypertension
* Deficiency of vitamin B
* Over weight or obesity also leads to heart problems.
* Blood clot formation which is also known as thrombosis
* Hardening of blood vessels
* Leading sedentary life style

Change your life style: –

1. Stop smoking. Smoking is one of the biggest risk factors for developing heart disease. Smoking doubles the risk of sudden cardiac death. Yet smokers who quit see a relatively quick payoff in health: the heart attack risk drops to the rate of a non-smoker roughly two years after a smoker quits.

2. Watch your weight. Eat balanced meals and limit animal and other saturated fats. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat more poultry and fish and less beef, pork and lamb. Use margarine or cooking oils such as corn oil and sunflower oil marked “high in polyunsaturated.” Reduce your total fat intake.

3. Get plenty of exercise. The good news is that you don’t have to be an Ironman triathlete to achieve worthwhile benefits to your health. There’s growing evidence that as little as 10 minutes of exercise, three times a day can reduce your chance of heart attack and stroke.

There are many ways and method you can choose to reduce the risk of heart disease. But in many ways, I believe having healthy life style can actually reduce the heart disease risk factors easily.

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