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  1. i have 3 4ohm cvx 12’s hooked up to a Power Acoustik BAMF Series BAMF55001D 1-Channel Class D Amplifier. i want to get as much as i can out of my amp. what is the best way to wire everything?

    right now i have them bridged. any professional suggestions? would really appreciate your help
    when i said bridged i meant having my positives all together hooked on the amp and the negatives the same way.

  2. They’ve always been neck and neck but now that Snake is featured in Super Duper Smash Brothers doesn’t that make him less kickass?

    And also, in their latest games Snake takes the role of grandpa while Sam is turning into Jason Bourne, which automatically makes Sam more of a bamf right?

  3. Clayton Cottrell says:

    I have recently purchased 2 boss phantom subs and a power acoustik 2000/1d mono amp, bamf series, how should i wire these subs to this amp?

  4. I have 3 kicker cvx 12″ each I have them being pushed by a BAMF 5500 watt amp. Wanted to upgrade to a kicker amp to keep it in the Fam u know? Lol any ways any GOOD suggestions will be appreciated thanks in advance.

  5. EpicallyLegitt says:

    Why is is that when i went through Bamf Firered my jumpluff couldnt learn fly?

  6. clefable919 says:

    you have beta 1, im playing beta 2.

  7. EpicallyLegitt says:

    @clefable919 oh ok lol

  8. what is your next run throught going to be

  9. glendaleunit96 says:

    you should edit out the pointless trainer battles