1. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    My baby is 1 wk shy of 4 mo old and he’s always been a big hungry baby. I’ve been feeding him 6 oz every 3 hrs for a while now. For the past 2 days now he hasn’t been wanting to finish his bottles and he’s been spitting up a lot more than before and he’s had a poopie diaper like 3 times today. To me it’s obvious he’s full and maybe needs to be fed less but how much and how often? Please help


    Sorry to hear that things aren’t going well. Thanks for putting it all out there. I am a pre-op and need to know just how it is to be prepared. Or as prepared as anyone can be w/o actually being a post-op. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  3. MissJanieHere says:

    I think going back to work was probably the hardest which is why I took a week of vacation about 2 weeks after returning…and I really needed it…now I feel much better and more able to handle it. Good luck!

  4. MissJanieHere says:

    The tiredness will wear off once you get a good exercise program going for you…it will kick your butt at first, but then all of a sudden you will feel great! Hang in there! It’s coming!

  5. clbroadway says:

    I went through the fatigue and tiredness. I finally realized I was not getting enough fluids. With you puking as much as you are, I bet you are slightly dehydrated, too.

    I know how you feel about getting out of the regular sleep pattern. I am a teacher, so I am out for the summer. I am sleeping till about 9 every morning and going to bed about 2am. I will be dragging for a couple of weeks!

  6. 2BeAHealthyMe says:

    Too bad we can’t have adroid replacements for the first 5 or 6 weeks postop.We’d program them w/all our knowledge and interpersonal skills, they’d keep things going at work while we were home getting comfortable with our new bodies and lifestyles.uhoh! this sounds too much like a sci-fi story and you know something bad always happens in those stories,so,guess we worker bees will just have to deal with the inconvenience and added stress of learning the lifestyle while working away from home. Deb

  7. BeTheBestMe says:

    That is a great idea! I would love to have a few androids around 🙂

  8. BeTheBestMe says:

    I can imagine! It is quite an adjustment 🙂

  9. BeTheBestMe says:

    Yay, thank you! I can’t wait!

  10. BeTheBestMe says:

    Aww, thank you 🙂

  11. BeTheBestMe says:

    That’s a good idea! Glad it helped 🙂

  12. goodnplenty2468 says:

    how do you deal with comments from people about your weight loss. did you tell everyone you know

  13. BeTheBestMe says:

    Most people I know are through work & THANK GOD my company has harassment training. Everyone knows that they cannot ask me that question without putting themself at risk for harassment. If someone I like asks I tell them that I am a naturally beautiful woman and it is a shame they just noticed 🙂 this throws them off. If I like them & they say I look like a lost weight, I tell them how much weight I lost & give some other smartass response. They souldnt ask and I only told the peeps I trust.

  14. BeTheBestMe says:

    If I don’t like them, I ignore them, tell them its none of their business or ignore the question. There are a few people at work that I WILL make a harrassment claim if they dare say anything about my weight. For the most part, I have fun with it. People can usually figure it out for themselves. Do what you’re comfortable with. Remember, you don’t have to say anything if you dont want to. I work w/ dudes & Im lucky if they can tell me what color my eyes are. They might notice when Im down 100lbs

  15. XxBossBethanyxX says:

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  16. Looks like this video is now a year old so wondering how all is going now. Weight loss, and etc. I am a fulltime preacher, my office is in the basement of my house. How long do you think I should take off from my church duties?

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