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  1. eduardopplalo says:

    thanks for ur time!!!!!! ====8> ).

  2. eduardopplalo says:

    thanks for ur time!!!!!! ====8> ).

  3. This is great information! I’m going out today to buy some of these great nutrients in supplement form for my neighbors whose children all have neurological/emotional problems (autism, anxiety, ADHD). Their diet is highly processed, but I know they are open to new information and change.

  4. Great information. Thanks alot. Thumbs up to you Julie. 🙂

  5. litebug12345 says:

    When I found out I had high cholesterol & my doctor discussed the option of prescription meds, I thought, NO WAY. I know too much about the mass-marketed, poorly regulated greed mongering of Big Pharma. I have known people who have experienced numbness in their limbs, liver damage, even permanent memory loss. I have always believed in nature and in natural solutions, and I still do. Sterolyn is working for me, in a safe way that I trust.