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  1. isforbliss says:

    you are very honorable. thank you for the openness and honesty

  2. myrawadventure says:

    Started taking the following supplements daily (in addition to eating tons of fresh fruits and vegetables) and DANG after much trial and error i’m finally feeling good:
    *Vitamin D3 (2,000 IU)
    *Methylation (B complex vitamins) – Homocysteine w/ B12 methycobalamin, B6 & folate
    *Omega-3 capsule (EPA/DHA 330mg/220mg) from purified deep sea small fish anchovies/sardines
    *NOTE, make sure to do your research on supplements and make SURE you are getting them from a reputable, 3rd party tested company

  3. StarFlower99654 says:

    I live in Alaska and aside from it being impossible to get time in the sun of at least 30-50% bare skin exposure, I found out that the angle of the sun during spring, fall & winter does not allow adequate penetration of light carrying vit D thru the atmosphere to even absorb should you sit in the sun.
    So I supplement and it is for tx of my leukemia also.
    Would like to know more about tanning bed & vit D production vs safety.

  4. Food4Health1Spirit says:

    TestoSTEROn is made from choleSTEROl, as is vitamin D3 and are brain and nerve cells.

    The only dangerous cholesterol is oxidized cholesterol, and seeing the amount of greens and antioxidants you’re getting, you probably don’t have to worry about that.

    Total cholesterol doesn’t predict anything.
    Did they test for LDL, HDL, triglycerides and homocysteine?

    Did they test for vitamin A?
    I am curious if enough of the beta carotene you eat gets converted.

  5. I’m sure you could raise your iron level significantly with raw cacao chocolate smoothies.

  6. sccloatrtk says:

    Love the creative level of video with the flashback. Brilliant!

  7. invista360 says:

    Google: CDC iron loading and disease surveillance.

    You cannot overload on plant based iron because it is attached to tannins and you only cleave off what you need.

    Heme iron from meat and iron fortified flour products will overload iron withholding mechanisms.
    Iron in fortification programs is ground up steel/iron particles and IS highly unnatural and contributes to free unbound iron in the blood.

    Every pathogen known uses free unbound iron including cancers.

  8. invista360 says:

    Also google: Bill Sardi Iron time bomb. Very informative.

    Youtube: freaking iron particles in my cereal.

    Demonstration of extraction of particles from an average box of cereal.
    1. Iron content on fortified products was found to be much higher than listed.
    2. Many people eat more of than standard “serving size”
    3. It is the wrong type of iron and delivery.
    4. Many eat fortified iron products in several meals.

    This overloads the system.

  9. starflower666 says:

    Thanks. I had my blood tests recently.

    I am now taking
    Iron. (there are gentle irons like spatone etc).
    B-complex .
    Other supplements too.

    Im not sure about the cholesterol myth. my levels are low. apparently coconut oil can raise your cholesterol, but this might not be a bad thing anyway.

    I supplement because I do not feel great. Hoping the iron will stop hair loss, and D is supposed to be beneficial for many, many things, such as thyroid, fatigue, anxiety…

  10. I take D2 (vegan vitamin D) every other day, and I recently had full blood works done and my vitamin D levels came back in the normal range, despite the fact that where I live has hardly any sun for most of the year.

  11. fleurdelaurier says:

    kevin stop the red meat please you look too fat dude

  12. LoveMatcha says:

    I have started to take LifeGive Sun-D recently.

    We could show this info to anyone:-)))

    Kevin, did I miss something: you eat red meat?????? :-??????

  13. marinawha says:

    will you guys share your chosen source of vitamin d2 once you find a good one? i want to make sure i’m taking something from a reputable company. thanks 🙂

  14. kevingianni says:

    It’s my beard, bro… makes me look a little chubby… LOL!

  15. yes I was very deficient in Vit D not just low and I went to suntan in the middle east for a month suntanning every day and came back in normal range more than doubling my blood vit D levels

  16. sarahlj916 says:

    I just read Healthy at 100 by John Robbins and he said the same thing!

  17. blahdelablah says:

    If you’re concerned about your iron levels, you should also look at your zinc levels too, as the two are linked (as far as I remember iron is a zinc inhibitor).

  18. I am very sensitive to all D supplements I have tried. I get migraines when I take them. Any ideas about what to do?
    Also, I am thinking of getting a light, but I am unsure what
    type/brand to buy.

  19. craigelliottmusic says:

    Can we get sufficient B12 from Bee Pollen?

  20. youlance29 says:

    you don’t want low cholesterol nor high cholesterol. both will result in higher death rates than normal cholesterol levels. when you plot Deaths vs Choleterol levels, it turns out to be U shaped.

    Basically, you don’t want your cholesterol under 120 and you don’t want your cholesterol over 200.

  21. jaylu0717 says:

    wouldn’t avocados bring good cholesterol up? A good alternative to fish, I’m guessing.

  22. Very interesting show. Are there any other tests that would be useful to have performed at the same time to establish a baseline?

  23. mechanicalhornbird says:

    why don’t you just get in the sun? it’s natural.

  24. mechanicalhornbird says:

    bundle up and get some sun, the cold won’t kill you

  25. therawtruthbar says:

    check dr. holick video on vit d, he is a hoot
    share dr. holick with all.
    bravo guys