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  1. Arminator says:

    I’m 24. Is this the right time or should i wait till i reach 30 or more?

    I’d appreciate more answers from experts.


  2. JADEDLANE666 says:

    dam then in this case barbara walters is going to need kegs of this liquor lol hahahaha jk.

  3. teflonproduction says:

    yay no death. lol they need to hurry up with that stuff, i’ll pay over 50,000 euro if i have to.

  4. IrishEyes1989 says:

    OMG 1,000 bottles of red wine a day, that’s insane! =P lol

  5. Jenfucius says:

    Gotta get dry wine in pill form.

  6. I can drink 1000 bottles a day, I don’t think I would be able to drive though………lol………….jk, that’s insane

  7. UnleashYourVitality says:

    I think that the search for “that one secret” is a natural, healthy instinct but also to realize at the same time that we already know how to live long, healthy lives: eating light, moving over to more raw, organic foods, and occasional fasting! I’m a big fan of the secrets of the ancients, and these truths still ring true to this day

    — John

  8. MrReadingman says:

    I tried two brands of resveratrol. I noticed on them that I had less of an appetite. One of the brands gave me some pressure in my chest while the other one made my eyes feel dry.

    When I took it I got carded more and got called ‘hey man’ by younger guys. It may have an effect of youthful appearance or it could be a placebo affect. More research is needed to ensure its safety I assume.

  9. can someone tell me what’s the name of the gen because i don’t undersand it D: i need resveratrol to understand better haha

  10. ennui1812 says:

    My grandpa is 98 and sharp as a tack. I count on him for good advice about my daily and personal life. He is Seventh Day Adventist and has spent his life avoiding all meat. His siblings lived to be as old and there is likely a big genetic component but being a vegetarian (he loves fruit and nuts especially. when I was a kid I saw him eat handfuls of almonds all the time.) hasn’t hurt him at all! He is also very thin and pulls his knees to his chest like a kid when we visit.

  11. johnny102marvin says:

    If people live longer it will make it more difficult for the US government to spend money on longer pay outs to social security recipients, medicare payments, retirement paychecks, and the such. The US government will have to add some new taxes, maybe Ad Valor-um taxes as the socialists countries of Europe have. Also a national sales tax. Please vote for Obama in 2012. He is great !!!