1. DuckieM10 says:

    how did Adam on american idol do? and who left from dancing with the stars?

  2. wedapeepole says:

    only way it reduces colesterol is if b4 eating cheerios u eat four eggs a day and bacon

    also sir raw milk and butter is extremely hard to find outside california and expensive if im wrong or tell me where i can find raw milk and butter in florida plz do plz do plz do thank you sir

  3. wedapeepole says:

    i would say chicken thighs bcuz beef is expensive

  4. EasyHardLivin says:

    Well, one point that nobody seems to be really mentioning and which I think is important, is the fact that the FDA is trying to shut cheerios out of the production, just because they claim that their product can do what a “drug” can do. The FDA attacks any person who has a particular food that has benefits more than a damn drug ! Nothing can cure, treat, diagnose, or cure a disease unless it is a drug. – Correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. MonkWarrior108 says:

    Hey Paul:

    good education here, thanks. I have been eating raw milk, raw butter, raw eggs for years and my health is much better. no more pasteurized dairy. google ‘real milk campaign’

  6. AmericanPowerBase says:

    I saw this outtake from GREASE on A&E. Man, John Travolta looks real young here, and he can’t get his lines out very well.

  7. AmericanPowerBase says:

    The FDA is now flying the flag of Obamanation. That means that they, and all Obamanation federal agencies, are bound by their oath to their Supreme Messiah Lord Obama, to destroy any and ALL manufacturing entities and the jobs related to them. Destroying jobs and making people dependent on the Government is Supreme Directive Numero Uno under the Obamanation. If you are a working citizen, bend it over!

  8. AmericanPowerBase says:

    Why do people ask questions of others which could easily and more accurately be answered by simply GOOGLING the subject, ie, “best sources of protein” –but to answer your question: Beef, Chicken, pork, veal, lamb, liver, buffalo, milk, whey, cheese…I mean, they used to teach this stuff in school. Do they not teach it anymore? Are schools today just shooting galleries for fatalistic goth emo’s and crack dealers????

  9. I like how it always comes down to crack dealers!!!! hahaha, well I’ve recently moved out and never bought groceries etc. I am aware of all these sources just asked for cheap options, you have no real response here. Your a nutter enjoy posting.

  10. TetraUbik says:

    There are somewhat good protein powders out there that are pretty cheap. If you look for just the plain/flavorless whey or egg protein powders they run anywhere from 11-15 dollars for a 30 day supply. But really eggs are cheap and a great source of protein.

  11. Thanks tetra, I’m going to look into a good protein powder. Yea I’m going to stick with the eggs and use them as much as I can, guess I just have to learn to make it more interesting.

  12. studentoflife01 says:

    Yeah but this guy is saying that fat is Cholesterol.

  13. Obamanation? Oh grow up.

    ps: I didn’t vote for him either.

  14. Macastani2 says:

    I’m in the same boat
    1st you’ve got to set your goals long term short term
    then do a budget o allow you to achieve these
    then write out a diet plan/ 4-day rotation
    then a shopping list
    in the shopping list look for roasts as you can get 5-8 meals of a roast making it very cheap even organic
    beans and pulses are very cheap as well and combined with a little protein may be suitable for some moderately slow oxidiers

  15. AmericanPowerBase says:

    Then why not stand with us and Impeach the Imposter? Who is our president? Barry Soetoro? Barry Dunham? Barack Obama? Do you have a clue? Join us on the ATLAH channel. An education awaits you. Get yours, while you still can. For soon and very soon, Barry will shut down the Internet, and you will be stuck playing Nintendo all day again. Rise!

  16. chad56143 says:

    awesome. thanks for this good information.

  17. SeburoX43 says:

    CABA-hydrate lol

    Great information though, appreciate the vid.

  18. italia4356 says:

    I would think of course you could get fat (that is to become obese) if you eat enough good fats to where you created a calorie surplus for a given period of time long enough to qualify to be labeled obese. Although maybe I am just nit picking and what you ment is that more along the line of people should not be afraid to eat fat if the fat is a good quality fat. & that just becuase you ate a fat that doesn’t gurentee that you are now going to add fat to your body becuase that fat was a good fat

  19. italia4356 says:

    Man, your business sounds awesome. I would love to go there and have you guys evalutate how I’m living. I think I eat too many carbs. I eat like a lot of fruit and dried fruit and I eat alot of oats. Well I eat 1 cup of oats in the moring and another half cup later in the day. I eat like a cup and half of oats almost every single day, is that too much? I also started juicing. I use 3 oranges to make 2 cups of fresh juice in the moring. And then I juice 2 grapefruits at lunch. Any advise appeciat

  20. italia4356 says:

    Ha, I’m still going. I eat like 4 raw eggs a day. But two whole eggs and then two egg whites. Not sure if the eggs are good for me, I feel ther’re better then cooked at least. I think I want to start eating yogurt again becuase even if cooked milk is used isn’t there still bacteria in it that is living. So does that qualify yogurt as a raw food, not sure just thought of that today. And i eat probably like close to 400 calories worth of nuts and seeds every day. I’m trying to build muscle healthy

  21. How is he an “Imposter”? His birth certificate is valid. His neo-liberal administration – which I loath – are real, not imposters. You do not make any sense.

  22. auragasmic says:

    soak your nuts i almost choked on my boiled eggs!

  23. the ama is a joke.They endorsed obama’s pile of crap socialized medicine bill.Wrong!CHEERIO’S.wrong!Shredded wheat or quaker oats is the way to go.

  24. thesepipesRclean says:

    All cereal is bad for you because it contains gluten . Wheat is not healthy anymore because it has been genetically engineered to the point it is not recognised by the human body . As far as socialized medicine , we need it in this country . Every other industrialised western nation has it and no THEY DO NOT PAY HIGHER TAXES ! Our taxes are higher than Canada ,France , and Italy who all have excellent social medicine programs . We pay 60 cents on the dollar in varied taxes in USA .

  25. Beelzebird says:

    sooooo….now Cheerios is the new anti-Christ? Now I am sad.

  26. Mike2008and2008 says:

    Ha Ha very nicely done. HAHAHAA cool!

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