Alec Hopkins Meets dinnerwithgreedo

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  1. XplicitzZ says:

    Does anybody know the name of the app that actor Alec Baldwin was using on his iPad that got him kicked off the plane?

  2. Death Knight says:

    I just watch the movie just now. The movie has low quality of sound and I can barely hear the dialogue. Does anyone know what is wrong with Alec Baldwin? Is he sick?

  3. vanvark83 says:

    At the Oscars, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were introducing many of the nominees in the crowd. When Alec announced Clooney, Clooney became very serious, and was giving Alec an angry stare down like he wanted to kill him.

    Anyone know why?

  4. LilyHBP says:

    OMG Alec Hopkins!!!! Thanks so much for making this!!!! I love Alec, he seems soooo nice!

  5. Gwilithiel says:

    AWW that was so cute!

  6. helenamknox says:


  7. mattman5150 says:

    Very funny dude!
    Name dropping is such a tacky thing to do… thanks for the mention by the way;-)

  8. Kyo1234 says:

    I love this. *Favourites it* I laughed at the final ‘Harry Potter…’ He came out with in a lost hope kind of voice.

  9. inkster says:

    that was amazing

  10. rustymcnally says:

    Loving the camera work on that one, obviously a shit hot guy you got holding that beast!

  11. dinnerwithgreedo says:

    Have you ever heard of the Basingstoke Peadophile? ;O)

  12. rustymcnally says:

    Yeah, wasnt he knocked off the page by some local glorified extra?

  13. DarkshineFilms says:

    wow, that Paul is a comic genius. But Alec Hopkins is a douche. He needs a haircut!

  14. dinnerwithgreedo says:

    Do i know you??
    Alec is a real nice guy. Oh and he was in Harry Potter 5 (incase that wasn’t clear).

  15. Lynn15 says:

    Hahaa! “Alan Rickman?!” Alec is so cute. Funny vid!

  16. legged says:

    Oh, haha, that’s was funny 🙂
    Alec Hopkins is excellent. 🙂

    Thanks for post this!

  17. jmtlmt says:

    Man, this guy fell into the best role! And he’s got some awesome scenes coming up, IF the damn director doesn’t leave them on the cutting room floor.
    MORE SNAPE!!!!! Good for you Alec!

  18. jmtlmt says:

    BTW, did anyone notice in book 7 that Rowling made a clear definition in Snape’s memories as to when the adult Snape takes over? And then she makes a point of saying that Snape looked like he had lived a hundred years of misery. LOL Makes plenty of room for Alan Rickman to age. Or they can try digital youthening like they did in X-Men 3 on Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan. Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some Alan Rickman. Three’s just 40 years between these two actors. Can’t wait!!

  19. F1ameAlchemist says:

    He seems really nice, but his voice wasn’t what I thought it would be! Anyway you ROCK ALEC, let’s see more of Snape in the seventh movie!

  20. BlancaNight says:

    Alan Rickman? Never heard of him either. … And wtf is a “Severus Snape”. oÔ

  21. SoylentGreeeen says:

    Okay, I had a little crash before but now I’m seriously in love with Alec Hopkins.
    He seems as fixated on Rickman as I am. We could spend days talking about Alan’s nose and how wunderful he is. God, that would be awesome.

  22. tranceart says:

    Alec is a cute Snape!

  23. jmtlmt says:

    How did this happen? Did you bump into him at the studio? Did you film this at the studios where Harry Potter (who?) was filmed?
    Very cute film.

  24. ArcherJP says:

    ROFL. Adorably uncomfortable. And funny. A great clip!

  25. MileyandHannah10 says:

    A few years ago, two parents went out for dinner. A few hours later, the babysitter was calling to ask if she could cover up the clown statue in the kids’ room, the father said,”Take the kids and get out of the house. We’ll call the police, we don’t have a clown statue.” The “clown statue” is really a killer that escaped from jail.? If you don’t post this letter on to 10 videos tonight, the clown will be in your bed at 3:00 am with a chainsaw in his hand

  26. FrauBluecher says:

    Nah, Alan Rickman can’t take over after Lily’s death, that’s only *weeks* after the other scenes. He is still 21 there, just a very depressed 21 year old. For Rickman to play it would be hilarious. XD

  27. JHONMAX says:

    sxy phone fun. 877.304.6769

    oooouch!! wg

  28. JDavis4U says:

    I love Alec he’s awesome….. did a wonderful job playing young snape….

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