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For many people the stereotype of someone who is uninsured is someone who doesn’t have a job, is between jobs, or recently has been laid-off from a job. This stereotype is wrong, recently it has been found that a large percentage of insured families have one or two parents who are actually fulltime workers who are making a combination of more than $38,000 a year, for many families this means that they may be eligible for affordable group health insurance benefits, but are choosing not use them. Most of these benefits change depending on the rules of each state, for example each state has different eligibility requirements, and the amount for each type of coverage changes for every state. Typically, affordable group health insurance is available if a family has a yearly income less than $20,000. There are more than 11 million adults and families who are eligible for government sponsored health insurance that are not currently enrolled. Many of these families would really benefit from coverage because it has been shown that people who are within the poverty level in the United States are more likely to engage in risk taking activities, which would make them more apt to need health insurance.

Group health insurance is a very easy and great way for many people to be insured, because unlike individual health insurance an insurer cannot decline coverage because of a medical examination or because of personal habits. Group insurance is often issued without having individuals screened by medical professionals; this is because with group insurance there are more people covered. When more people are covered, the number of people in the group who will require the services of the health insurer are lowered because there are also healthy people being insured who will not require services, so essentially the numbers are balanced out. The insurance company decides the monthly premium charged to the group after the group is analyzed as a whole based on age, and how safe their job is.

Companies that are considered to have high-risk jobs are obviously going to be charged more because employees would be more likely to be injured at the job site. This type of insurance can be very beneficial to employers because the insurance coverage can be very helpful if an employee is seriously injured at work and needs serious medical attention. The costs of serious injury could end of costing both the victim and the company hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For employees who chose affordable group health insurance as their main source of coverage the benefits are normally tremendous, which makes group insurance coverage a great way to be insured for families who are below the poverty line or are just making ends meet.

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