There are many questions concerning health care that are coming out now as the epidemic of health insurance sweeps the United States. It has been found recently that 1 in 4 Americans is uninsured and the number may get higher as the economy continues to fall into a recession. As a result many Americans are sitting up at night wondering what they can do in order to ensure that their family will be safe if disaster strikes. One of the biggest questions that people have about health insurance is what is the best companies around for health insurance. The answer to that is it depends on what you are looking for.

There are a few different types of insurance including individual, family, group, and even short-term. Individual health insurance is insurance that is for one person, this typically is one of the most expensive types of insurance per person. Another type of insurance is family insurance. Group or family insurance is a type of insurance that covers an entire family and this is done through one person who is the dependant. An example of a company that does both individual and family insurance is Aetna family health insurance. Aetna family health insurance is a company in the United States that has been covering more than 15 million people by its outstanding health plans.

If Aetna Family Health Insurance was asked what the main difference between group and individual health insurance is they would say that if you are looking to purchase individual health insurance there needs to be proof that the individual is healthy. This has to be done though a medical exam as well as a questioner. The results of the questioner as well as the results of the medical exam are sent to the insurance company and based on these results a person will either be invited or be barred from being insured. There are many different things that go into the process of possibly insuring someone some of the things that Aetna family health insurance takes into consideration is age, personal habits (like smoking and drinking), as well as income.

All of these things are considered risks and depending on your answers and what your lifestyle is like you will be considered or rejected from Aetna family health insurance. The other type of insurance is group insurance with group insurance you do not have to do through a medical exam or anything like that. This is because the numbers of people who are considered high-risk are balanced out by the people who are considered low-risk. Group health insurance is usually offered to people who work to a company who can all be grouped together, normally the more people in the group the less expensive it will be to be insured. If you are looking for a great way to save some money and have health insurance you can search online.

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