1. well. why does everyone talk about anorexia if they talk about eating disorder even though adiposity is also one.

    and why make people fun about adiposity ? i think the ppl who have adiposity the have a problem with their psyche. all the same with anorexia.

    everyone always say if you are fat then you have a blemish.

    What’s your opinion?

  2. kishorvasant says:

    Good bit of scientific information.

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  4. Obaid it is not an excuse not to train and loose weight. If what you say is a fact, that fat is needed to feed the large number of cells in the overweight people. I think if you train you will loose weight – Ali Bushnaq

  5. mynameiselena says:

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  6. in this video you did not go ‘takecare’ at the end:(

  7. NaturalNutrition says:

    Looks like you’re really into spirulina. It’s great to meet some one else in the industry that can really contribute.

  8. u need to still drink so more water and eat fruits and berries, only !

  9. obaidkarki says:

    Best Wishes
    Obaid Karki
    Diogenist Outcast Kabbalist
    Spinoziste Pantheon
    Hexalingual Automath
    Former UAE Under Secretary
    Independant Street-Knowledge
    Talkshow Guru. Unaffiliated to
    a State, an Organized Religion Group,
    a Sect or a Kin and an Anti Tribal Gentile.

  10. ClownBrotherhood4 says:

    I am a very lonely man with no friends wanna know, Mr Kharki if we can
    get together and be friends, you seem
    like a very nice person very down to
    Earth can I be your friend

  11. they is no such thing as fat cells fat is a macromolecule composed of fatty acid and glycerole they make part of cell membranes and is found underneath the skin and around organs and in the lymph nodes

  12. MountainDewXXVI says:

    I hate people that wear turbans

  13. obaid can i get rid of the fat cells by doing weight training that will reduce my body fat and undue the bacteria like multiplication of fat cells

  14. obaidkarki says:

    you may reduce the size but not numbers

  15. U did say reality that it can be cancer, but act upon your advice first. dont eat date much. it can increase your fatness, and you must run in the sand dont drive in car…………………….. It is a great solution for the fat people like you. NO need to medication.

  16. theend1245 says:

    why are you watching this video ?

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