Rimonabant or acomplia is an weight loss medication that uses Cannabinoid-1 Receptor Blockers (CB1). This Acomplia review focuses on how it works in your body and the other positive effects. Acomplia instigates weight loss by stopping the CB1 receptors found in the brain and the organs which is responsible for fat and glucose metabolism. These receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system or CSB, which has been identified to stimulate food desire and increase appetite (like the experience with marijuana). These receptors control a person’s craving; while the hypothalamus is in charge of varying a person’s energy and also balancing your intake of calories. The CB1 blockers are appetite suppressants that is able to stop the possibility of food cravings. Acomplia, or rimonabat also speeds up the user’s metabolism, thus controlling your energy levels and body weight. These show that acomplia (or rimonabat) is an effective diet method.
Aside from weight loss, Acomplia improves your body’s health. The medication is able to lower triglycerid levels and at the same time increase your HDL levels. Triglycerid is commonly known as the “unhealthy cholesterol; and HDL is your “good cholesterol”. At the same time, your blood sugar levels also get better, as it controls the breakdown of glucose in your body.

A study by the University of Rio de Janeiro confirms the effectiveness of Acomplia. The study says that the volunteers were successful in trimming down their waist, improve their blood pressure and improve their cholesterol levels. Around five or ten percent of their initial weight was reduced based on the clinical tests. The pill was formulated to be used as a supplement for overweight adults who are undergoing an exercise and diet program. In light of this, it shouldn’t be used on its own and is only effective when combined with a balanced life. Acomplia is ideal for male adults with approximately a 102 cm waist line and and 88 cm for women. Other studies show that this pill also assists in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Clinical tests have proven that Acomplia is safe for the majority of people but it isn’t suggested for those with clinical depression, galactose intolerance, epilepsy and chronic kidney problems . At the same time, women who are breastfeeding or carrying a child should not take the medication.

It is normal for a new user to experience side effects as the pill causes a shift in your metabolism. Once the person’s body is able to adjust to the shifts, these effects will stop occurring. The suggested amount is 20 mg and must be used before eating breakfast. Anything over this amount will be harmful to the user’s body. Rimonabat or Acomplia must be kept in a cool, dry place. Do not leave it in the bathroom. If you’re overweight this Acomplia Review suggests you discuss the medication as one of your options.

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