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  1. Great video! I am going to get lapband with Dr. Gonzalez on Apr. 2. I am so excited, I’ve been looking for a Lapband doctor for over 8 months.

  2. percia2003 says:

    liliari did you get your lapband done?

  3. sunshine319ATL says:

    Congratulations…you are beautiful…your accent is adorable! 🙂 I’m thinking about having the lap band procedure done also!

  4. rodandle69 says:

    good luck. i have my surgery on 10 dec 07

  5. Kcrunchymunch says:

    You look so sexy now. You are a hottie

  6. lapbandmichael says:

    hi. i have recently found out i am having my lap band op on the 28th. you can view my video at lapbandmichael leave comments if you like.thanks