1. onesquezer says:

    Stephen Byrnes Auther of “The Myths of Vegetarianism”. Was extremely critical of vegetarian diets, and tates: Stephen Byrnes enjoys robust health on a diet that includes butter, cream, eggs, meat, whole milk, dairy products and offal. Ironically, Stephen Byrnes suffered a fatal stroke in June, 2004 at the age of 41.


  2. Maybe he should have switched diets sooner, eh?

  3. onesquezer says:

    maybe he then would have died even sooner. eat your veggies !

  4. You sound like a cheerleader. “Eat your veggies! Rah, rah, rah! Eat your veggies! Rah, rah, rah!” You need to add variety to your repertoire. It’s not clear why you feel such an urge to shout the phrase at a clip in which someone refers to the eating of peppers (among other things).

  5. onesquezer says:

    shout ? who’s shouting ?

    sorry you can’t read a comment without getting upset, but your very own Dr Robert Atkins who advocated a low carbohydrate, high protein and fat intake diet, had a cardiac arrest in 2002 (a year before his death) and was obese & suffering from hypertension & kidney failure at the time of his death in 2003 at the age of 72. personally i’m not impressive the longevity that his diet provided him.

    so i say. .
    keep active & eat your veggies!

  6. onesquezer says:

    Dr. Atkins weighed 265 pounds (that’s obese for his height) when he fell and ended up in a hospital,he died 17 days
    later. his family refused to allow autopsy,
    so it is not known if a stroke or a second heart attack contributed to his fall or his failure to recover. so much for “The Atkins Revolution”

  7. I don’t know who’s shouting. This is the internet and it’s not possible to tell whether a person is shouting. But cheerleaders shout, and I was humorously likening you to one, so my use of the verb was appropriate enough. Normally I assume that a person is merely typing and making no sound. Similarly, it’s not possible to determine that a person is upset just because they happened to reply to a comment. I don’t make wanton inferences and attack straw men, but you seem very accomplished at it.

  8. Ah, of course. Atkins invented diets high in fat and/or protein, didn’t he? So anyone who doesn’t share the general public’s undignified phobia of such foods must be basing their attitude entirely on a deep ideological attachment to the contents of the said author’s tackily commercialised regimen designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. What fine logic.

  9. iMitotropin says:

    high fat diets work excellent

  10. litebug12345 says:

    When I found out I had high cholesterol & my doctor discussed the option of prescription meds, I thought, NO WAY. I know too much about the mass-marketed, poorly regulated greed mongering of Big Pharma. I have known people who have experienced numbness in their limbs, liver damage, even permanent memory loss. I have always believed in nature and in natural solutions, and I still do. Sterolyn is working for me, in a safe way that I trust.

  11. caldwellandrews says:

    I WOULD HAVE sent this video to many people that I know need to hear it BUT…I heard the interviewer say “bulls*t” and now I won’t forward it. You may think it’s no big deal, but using crass language makes you look less credible, and some people who need to hear this message will not be listening. Good information. Next time, present it in a more professional manner. One word ruins it all – if not for me, at least for the elder generation to whom I would have forwarded this link.

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