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  1. im 20 i found a lump in my breast at the age of 16 initially ther was only one lump but now i have 3 of them.1 is large n other 2 are small n one is also attached to my breast. i have done sonomemography .my doctor said it is fabroids ,she ask me to take vitamin e pills but they do not help me much now she has change my medicine it is now GAMMA LINOLENIC ACID. initially they do not bother me but now i have had a pain my breasts ,she suggest me if this medicine do not effect then we will have surgery. what are the effects of surgery? can i develop a breast cancer ? and is there any chance that even after surgery i will not have further any lump ? is there any negative effect of surgery?

  2. SINAY2401 says:

    geart .M.W ONTARIO LOL

  3. cmichael67 says:

    3 weeks is not long enough to be off his meds.