1. How much, in your opinion, is developing of such cure?
    At least, is 1 milliard of Euro enough?
    And what about the cure for AIDS?
    Thank you.

  2. i need to know where to find the stuff for the green cure to make the parasites go away, please help!

  3. ernietube1 says:

    High sugar diets are poison to diabetics.
    The recent up to date information is for a low carbohydrate diet

  4. iloveandersoncooper says:

    Dr. Neal Barnard is so cute.

  5. gamesmoney1025 says:

    yea iv been a diabetic my entire life…

  6. gladheateher4now says:

    So my Diabeteic girlfried takes 3 teaspoones of sugar in her coffee, Most days she has 2 cups. What is your comment on this ? thanks

  7. QueenOfserenity says:

    @gladheateher4now try introducing an alternative to coffee… tea perhaps? black tea.. it would require less sugar for a sweet taste and its still strong and has caffeine…

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