1. Nutrition – Can make the difference of life or death. Vital nutrients and substances from fruits and vegetables fuel and infuse the body to operate in optimum health. Think about “health food” as being the opposite of “death food.” Eat more fruits and vegetables, low fat proteins and whole grains. Our bodies evolved from a cave man style dinner table. Eat more like him.

2. Walk or Bike for Transportation – With the high cost of gas and increased global climate change, it makes only sense to me that we walk and bike to our destinations. The financial cost is much less and we will be getting vital exercise (needed for optimal health) and help save the planet. While all the while we will be providing our own transportation. Look at the Orient. People have been biking there forever and so should we. New road construction should always include a safe bike/walk lane.

3. Gardening – Gardening has multi-fold advantages for better health. We should grow as much of our own food as space allows, providing organic nutrient rich fruits and vegetables for our tables. Plus, the process of gardening involves physical activity which is beneficial for our bodies.

4. Education – Knowledge is power. Our local libraries provide everything we need to know to create a healthy lifestyle for our families. From cookbooks to exercise manuals, you can find it all there. If knowledge is power, then I encourage everybody to read, study and apply.

5. Move Your Home – Move near parks and trails where staying active is planned into the community. When it came time for my family to downsize, we decided we wanted to be near the 5 mile trail system in our city which provides us the opportunity to walk, bike, skate and kayak, right in our own neighborhood. Purposefully finding ways to stay active and incorporating exercise into our daily lives should be a priority. Make it yours, today.

6. Regular Doctor Checkups – Again, knowledge is power. Getting regular checkups can provide you with the information about your current state of health. You and your doctor can monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose readings and keep an eye out for any immerging problems with preventative diagnostic tests such as mammographys and prostate checks.

7. Get a Good Nights Sleep – Sleeping works to keep your body healthy by maintaining a strong immune system. It slows aging, helps prevent diabetes, helps to keep you slim by stimulating more appetite suppressing leptin. It improves brain performance and increases your happiness quotient, reducing the risk of depression, alcoholism and suicide.

8. Don’t Smoke – Within the last 40 years, evidence has proven that smoking damages the human body. Smoking contributes to heart disease and increased incidences of cancers of the lungs and digestive system. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. The addiction is real. If you do smoke, stop. Chances are good that any preliminary damage may be healed and eliminated after 10 years of not smoking.

9. Make the Definitive Decision – Decide for better health. The conscious decision “I am going to do whatever it takes to get as healthy as possible,” is something each one of us must do. It will take time and energy to implement, but first, you must “Make the Decision.”

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