5 steps to reverse diabetes and insulin resistance

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  1. deelishussdee says:

    Why is dairy bad? What about cottage cheese or fage yogurt for the protein content? I wouldn’t mind giving them up but I’ve always heard such good things that I’ve been including them in my diet.

  2. Nudelsalatbomber says:

    well, if you suck all the mentioned stuff in at once or without any break during the day, then yes.

  3. bottledmalice says:

    Amen to that.

  4. polynesianpuppet says:

    there is a cure and the doctors know it but they are not going to tell you because they want your insurance to keep paying for the insulin and regular check ups and all the other medications.

  5. beatryxa says:

    doctor, i have diabetes II, and i suffered about 8 years ago from hyperthyroid, i´m now in hypothyroid after raid and take levotyroxine, i also have a myoma and if i eat soy protein the hemorrages get terrible, i control the myoma on diet, but how can i substitute the soy protein if i´m diabetic and i can not eat white breads_, what other choices i have in order to be healthy and keep my blood sugars low?, fenegreek also makes my hemorrages terrible…please answer me

  6. Aislan4414 says:

    I like rice protein or whey protein. Maybe you could look into those.
    I can’t eat soy either it makes me ill.

  7. freeasabird12907 says:

    I 100 % agree . Medicine is great, but prescription pills have a lot of side effects, than you end up taking pill after pill . To cure diseases we have to know what the cause is first. All the prescription drugs does just managed the disease it doesen’t cure. But is we cure all the dieases than people won’t make money. The drug companies will be out of business. If “we” stop being greedy and being concerned with money, we can cure the diseases.

  8. DigitalPraise7 says:

    I do all that. Eat vegan, walk every day. Still I get 120, 140, sometimes 200 readings!

  9. chiarapetrachi says:

    guys, raw is the answer!

  10. dietcoker11 says:

    this disgusts me!
    selling people the “cure”. There is no cure for type1
    As for type 2 just cut down on fat and sugar low carb diet = low blood sugars!!!
    you have to be stupid to pay for this book

  11. ZionSamurai87 says:

    You eat raw organic diet?
    Have you tried also organic cinnamon?

    And one more thing, are u on any diabetic drugs?

  12. ZionSamurai87 says:

    I dont think everyone is conspiring to keep you sick. I just think a lot of allopathic doctors have been taught/ brainwashed with the wrong information, and they are simply only speaking on what they know, or at least what they “think” they know.
    There are a lot of good doctors out there, they are sincere they just dont know they arent helping you,cuz they are compartamentalized.Now a lot though absolutely know they are over medicating and poisoning people but they get incentive from Big pharma.

  13. RavenPrecept says:

    Assume there is a cure but it’s not widely known.
    Simplistically you don’t need much insulin if you don’t overload your blood supply with sugar or sugar from carbs. The rye he talks about would probably release sugar slowly. There may well be a way to get type 1s to start producing insulin. Rather than say there is no cure, how about saying that we have not discovered it. Each person has to make their own discovery. However it helps if they hear from someone who has discovered a cure.

  14. RavenPrecept says:

    I bought a chemical which repared my cars blown head gasket. The chemist who sold me the stuff kept stressing that I must fix the cause of blow which was probably over heating. So change the thermostat and flush the radiator. Then applied the chemical treatment. 2nd time lucky once I fixed the cause and then the symptom.

  15. JamonJanom says:

    I agree, it seems doctors treat so many things they don’t know what they should be doing for diabetes, in particular, so they do what somebody taught them to do. Then they move on to the next patient who had some other health problem. If more doctors had diabetes, there would be better approaches and ideas coming from doctors of better understanding and experience in the matter. I have type 2 and they gave me insulin. Type 2 means I had insulin already, even too much!

  16. camelofdk says:


  17. Catherine8here says:

    Dr. Richard Bernstein did a good job and not curing but managing his type one diabetes so he needed a small amount of insulin. He went from having his life threatened, because type 1 is VERY SERIOUS, as you will know, and a very strict low carb, worked. I agree with cutting on saturated fat, raising omega 3, monunaturated fats, cutting out fruit, eating non-starchy veg helps me control my appetite. Do you reccomend any books/info?

  18. Catherine8here says:

    Fruit is iffy because it is a sugar. It is winter time now and I see nature not offering me any fruit. I think it maybe a seasonal food, unless I was living in the tropics. I also think that nuts and seeds (full of omega 6 and rancid fat if not shelled, fungus, carcinogenic molds) should not be eaten often. I question beans because of the lectins. I think we should be eating grass fed animals and mainly leafy green vegetables, inc. kale, brocolli, sprouts, lettuce, cucumber, celery.

  19. Catherine8here says:

    I have really thought about our diet. It should change by the season. In the winter we clearly require more fat to keep us warm (animals get fatter). I worry about fish oil supplements or any supplements, when nature provides it all! We should not be pushed into supplements when nature provides so much. We can learn what nature offers by wild food guide books. Sweet chestnuts are a nice food in October, by December I still see kale, other green leaves, lettuce growing on the allotment.

  20. Catherine8here says:

    I think saturated fats are harmful in excess. We do not get fat animals in nature for 2/3 of the year, but we do in the winter for about 4 months but it is loaded with omega 3. We can get our omega 3 from green leaves, romaine lettuce (ALA form) and we can be confident we will convert like all the other animals do! The fish convert algae containing ALA to DHA & EPA, as do grass fed animals. Grass contains ALA which cow, sheep converts to EPA & DHA. A diet containing everything may not be good

  21. Catherine8here says:

    Saturated fats, come as long, medium and short chain fatty acids, palmitic acid and myrisitc acid found in lamb, beef and cocoa butter is a long chain and has been linked to insulin resistance (in excess!) but coconut oil contains only myrisitc acid, but mainly medium chain fats, and is similar to breast milk fats, Breast milk contains 6% protein, 56% fats, of which is 50% saturated fat! so nature considers it vital for infant, probably for brain, not just fuel. Protein produces toxic wastes.

  22. Catherine8here says:

    Looking outside may give you an idea of what to eat. Where you live, conditions are vital, and not one diet is right for everyone. Genes, home habitat, stress levels, lifestyle factors, gender play a part. Were we suppost to eat everything? The nuts and seeds were not for the birds? they were for us? they seem so addictive, I need a nut cracker for I was not equiped with the teeth to break thru the shell, why?

  23. Catherine8here says:

    Nature doesn’t offer fruit all year round, neither does nature offer super high sugary hybridised, seedless fruit. To me nature knows best, and is nearest to God. there is a perfection is we obey the natural flow, and not mess around and interfere. After all I have read & studied I am no expert or better than anyone, but what helped me was a lower carb, high protein, high omega 3 diet, low animal sat fat. Animals are bred to be very obese, and U R what U eat! Free range is best for me & animal

  24. tickyul says:

    Yep, I defintely have metabolic syndrome, Let myself go a bit. I Stopped all junk and am exercising, scale does not want to budge. Even 5 years ago, if I would have done the same thing, pounds would have dropped quickly. Thick abdominal fat, high BP, high LDL, low HDL, prediabetic fasting glucose levels if I start eating too many carbs, just to name a few of the symptoms I have. No ones fault but my own. Carbs are very problematic for me, eat too many and I get constant painful hunger. Cheers!

  25. triz1120 says:

    How about you let the audience know your talking about type 2 diabetes…. not type 1

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