5 months post-op update and the puppy!!!

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  1. Arminator says:

    Time for us to move. When we moved in we gave first and last and an additional security deposit. We’ve paid for this month’s rent and are ready to give our notice (lease says at least 20 days before the end of the month since we’re now in month-to-month).
    Does this mean that our last months rent will be treated as a security deposit, or that the landlord can keep it for the following month?

  2. soon2belessofme says:

    Congrats on the weight loss! That is awesome! Keep up the great work. What a cute puppy!

  3. Opendoors08 says:

    You look beautiful and you have been rocking this journey!! Congrats!! Puppy is soo cute!:)Amyxi

  4. abbchupp says:

    so crazy we virtually did the same video… I think we are on the same wavelength!! Your ledg are lookin great.. just think in a month youll be -100!!! Ill say it again -100lbs I hope ur feeling well.. cute pup!

  5. monibunnie says:

    Wow! You look awesome!! And how cute it that puppy??!!! OMG!! I’m so proud of you for getting rid of the clothes that no longer fit! Doesn’t it feel great to purge? I wouldn’t buy too many more right now because you’re going to keep losing and will need to get rid of more clothes before you know it!!! Congratulations! Keep it up!

  6. youwantgeek says:

    Thanks! I think I’m going to Kohl’s tonight to get some new stuff, it’s a good reward! Glad to see a new vid from you 🙂

  7. youwantgeek says:

    Thanks so much!!!

  8. youwantgeek says:

    Thanks Amy! Hope you’re doing well!

  9. youwantgeek says:

    I know, right!?? We must be connected somehow. 100lbs!?! God I can’t wait for that day. And you…you’re sooo close to the 100’s…it’s so amazing!

  10. youwantgeek says:

    Thanks!!! Yeah, you’ve got to purge if you want to make room for your new life and self, right? I don’t think I’ll buy much, just a few things to make me smile and get me by 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement!

  11. youwantgeek says:

    Thanks Janie 🙂

  12. youwantgeek says:

    Yeah, I should try consignment. I’ve got to find a place around here that does it.

  13. ThatzHotxoxo says:


  14. kristenrumford says:

    She is cute. I like her spotted belly. Anyway, congrats on your loss so far you look great. Keep up the wonderful work. Over 80 pounds is supper.

  15. youwantgeek says:

    I’ll tell her you said so 🙂 Thanks so much for your support!

  16. adoll says:

    Hi I just wanted to write you a note and tell you that you rock! Plus when I started watching this one I thought to myself, “wow that looks like the dress I bought from target” and it is. You look awesome and I love that dress. BTW I’m 8.5 months post-op and down 111 lbs. and only have 1 or 2 pairs of pants and 6-7 shirts. I gave the rest to goodwill. Some person will be happy to find clothes that still have the tags on them. Anyways keep up the good work!

  17. youwantgeek says:

    Aww, thanks! Haha, we have the same dress, that’s awesome. Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll probably ship off the old stuff to Goodwill, help someone out. Thanks for watching! It sounds like you’re doing GREAT!

  18. 1cruisedirector says:

    WOW I can’t believe it’s been 5 mo. already. Good for you’you are moving right along.. Diana

  19. youwantgeek says:

    I know, me neither! Thanks for watching and your encouragement 🙂

  20. LMLWALLIN says:

    Wow you look awesome!
    I cant wait to see new videos.

  21. cutsiegirlz says:

    Congrats! I just came accross your channel today, and you are doing great!

  22. youwantgeek says:

    Thank you!

  23. youwantgeek says:

    Thanks so much!

  24. Fabydee says:

    Congrats on your loss so far, you are doing great! That puppy is so cute… 🙂 Fab

  25. youwantgeek says:

    Thanks so much! I’ll tell her you said so 🙂

  26. fudds64 says:

    Ahh don’t know how I missed this one.. Bella is very adorable.. What breed is she? Love the dress… You know I can’t wait to have my sugery.. to see and experience all the results you along with all the other wls family and friends throughout youtube… Take care … Kimberly

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