It is a bitter moment when you come to know that you or someone you love dearly is suffering from diabetes. When you are diagnosed as a diabetic it becomes very important to keep your blood sugar levels under control. The most effective way of controlling diabetes is to become aware about the nutritional contents of your food and what you should be having and what you should be avoiding. In this article let us find out some foods which are great for keeping diabetes under check.

It is a well known fact that diabetics are told to abstain from having white foods but apple is an exception and a wonder fruit for people suffering from diabetes. Apples have been found in many researches as the fruit that helps lessens the insulin need in the body. The presence of pectin in apples helps in the detoxification process. With such magical properties apples are one of the healthiest foods for diabetes patients.

It is fruit which is quite popular in Asian countries. It has grown in popularity recently due to the findings of a recent research which states that it does not affect the blood sugar levels in the body. It has been also found out that people who consume 6 oz of pomegranate juice everyday are at a lower risk of atherosclerosis.

There are certain herbs mentioned in ayurveda which are very effective in lowering blood sugar levels in the body. Gymnema sylvestre is one such herb which has been found quite effective in tackling both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
It also helps promote production of new beta cells in the pancreas which are a large source of insulin. Other herbs like pterocarpus or Indian kino are also excellent for keeping diabetes under control.

Karela or bitter gourd, broccoli, spinach and green beans are very good for the health of diabetes patients.

Protein Needs of a Diabetic Patients
A person suffering from diabetes should make sure that his diet comprises of at least 12% to 20% proteins. The best sources of protein are fish, soy and poultry. It is a good practice to take some protein supplement before going to sleep so that your blood sugar levels remain constant throughout the night.

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