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  1. Wish we could see follow up vedio of these people.

  2. admiralkabelsatan says:

    In 1997 a girl called lauren was walikng in a forest and then a she just dissapeared no one ever found her untill 2000 when a yoing girl called Mary found her body and markings on her chest saying: I wasnt pretty enough” and now you have read this she will appear in your mirror saying your not pretty enough and kill you. by the way the girl called mary died shortly after.
    To be saved paste this to 5 other videos. THIS IS TRUE

  3. belovedideas says:

    Yeah, I was a hot flash grouch after my surgery, too. Detoxing off of sugar and fried foods ain’t easy. This patient looks great! I hope we DO see follow up videos of her and others to see how they’ve gained confidence in their ability to maintain their health!