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  1. Harriet W says:

    So after i but my option and buy the contracts what happens afterward. Do i need to have the stocks to buy a call option? How do i make money after i buy it. I go to my broker and say what?

  2. Jeanelle the Retard says:

    What happens after dogs with heartworms are treated? Is there any after effects after the treatment?

  3. trainjustleft says:

    I kind of resent these youtube advertisments. But it looks like I’m the only one watching them.

    I also resent surgical weight loss. It completely negates personal responsibility. You’ve got to eat less, excersize more. I hope our TAX dollars or INSURANCE dollars aren’t paying for their inadequacies. This is going to drive up the costs of medical care.

  4. 6000michael says:

    the nicest man who got such a surgery11