3 Paths to Lower Cholesterol: Part 3 – Plant Sterols

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  1. sam N says:

    I am looking for some good cholesterol lowering foods and also some low cholesterol meals that are yummy. Hereditary reasons have caused me to get on a cholesterol medicine but I also want to be proactive in what I eat.

    Does anyone have any recipes they can share? Or know of good yummy foods that lower cholesterol, that are good for you and such. I’m just not big into oatmeal at all. I ate way too much of it as a kid.

  2. MachoMadness says:

    The new version of the MonaVie Juice called PULSE has plant sterols along with the fantastic benefits of the acai and other fruits.

  3. daddysquirrel says:

    stupid MLM products. too expensive. what a rip off.

  4. litebug12345 says:

    I used to try to get plant sterols from my diet, but then i read that you have to drink like 3 and 1/2 glasses of soy milk or 25 tablespoons of soy margarine to get that!! That is a LOT of margarine for someone who’s watching their weight. Sterolyn gives me all that by only taking 2 capsules. Works for me.

  5. mreisma says:

    this looks like bullshit, maybe because he looks like a used car salesman.

  6. kiwisoft says:

    Agree….this is a promotional product….. pseudosience…. this guy selling product….. all about money

  7. COMP3LLED2KILL says:

    Plant sterols do actually work, my Doctor advised me to take plant sterols, and after 1 month my cholesterol was lowered
    with exercise and healthy eating….IT WORKS 🙂

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