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  1. youwantgeek says:

    I hope it helps me! And I really believe it will. Losing the weight is totally motivating…I remember when I was trying SO HARD but couldn’t lose a pound. I’m really grateful for this gift and I don’t want to mess it up!

  2. YvesXMetamorphosis says:

    No disrespect to people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, but food addicts have to eat,we don’t have the option of never having to eat again.

  3. YvesXMetamorphosis says:

    Not only that,
    but we are confronted with food all the time.Social gatherings,TV commercials,fast food joints at every corner etc.
    It sucks to have a food addiction!!!

  4. youwantgeek says:

    I know! It totally sucks!

  5. youwantgeek says:

    Yeah, food is EVERYWHERE. And we have to have the will power to look at it and see it and smell it ALL THE TIME but not eat it! Ugh!

  6. challenges2blessings says:

    you have the same addiction as i do. this is my first time to connect with someone on youtube but i am willing to try because you spoke my language and i have lots to share with you, if youre willing. i hope youre still checking these responses to your very honest video.

  7. youwantgeek says:

    Hello! Thanks for watching and commenting. I would love to hear from you, please message me–I’d love to talk.

  8. challenges2blessings says:

    I found a way (with help) to not abuse my drug which is food. i wished i could NOT EAT like alcoholics just DONT DRINK. i have been eating well and maintaing a normal weight and headspace for 7.5 years after loosing 120 pounds. its a frickin miracle! you sound like your at least open to some helpful ideas, so if you what to hear how i stayed away from relapse and misery of food addiction. i would love to stay connected with you. your are NOT alone. thank for responding.

  9. Surprize25 says:

    Thank you for sharing i know it must have been difficult. You opened my eyes and made me take a look at me. Im having the bypass surgery in a couple of weeks and im terrified of the addiction. Im trying the liquid diet and its so hard. I find the worst is at night after ive eaten all the food/liquid im allowed for the day. This is when I starting eating and blow the diet for the day. My mind just constantly thinks of food. Is there anything that you found that seems to help??

  10. Surprize25 says:

    I totally 100% agree with your analogy of the alcoholic. I consider myself a person that is very strong willed. If i was a smoker im sure I would be able to throw the pack away and never touch it again. How do you do this with food?? Its still essential for life.

  11. Do you possibly think that these struggles could be due to not having access to a support group through your surgeon? I’m also in the Denver area and am scheduled for RNY on 11-11-08. The Dr I am going to has monthly support meetings. I know surgery in Mexico was more affordable but, it seems like afterwards you were just left to figure it out on your own. Even your PCP seemed cold. Maybe an in person support group could help you find what your missing…Just a thought

  12. youwantgeek says:

    Hi there! Thanks for watching and sharing your experience. Nothing helped me much in the beginning. I think it’s a mindset that gradually changes over time. I tried to keep myself occupied–I also didn’t have any food in the house that I would be tempted to eat. I was a major sweets person so I threw it all out once I started my pre-op diet. Try to spread out your portions so that you can having something late or right before you go to bed. That helps you feel like you’re not deprived.

  13. youwantgeek says:

    That’s a great point and certainly it has played a part in my struggles. I have been largely left to handle by myself. Who is your surgeon? Where are the meetings?

  14. I am going through Dr. Brown at CBSI. He operates out of PSL. I am going for pre-op testing and a nutrition class this afternoon so I will find out more about his support classes. I think they are the 1st Wed. of the monthly from 6-8 at his office.Here is my email- carmaej at yahoo. Maybe we can keep in touch outside YT and help support each other.

  15. Really good thoughts on this. I feel the same way. Sometimes physical things like surgery can’t help some of us when the issue is deeper than that. I think in my case, I sabotage myself a lot. It’s different than a regular addiction for sure because people have to eat, but we can choose to eat healthy and choose to lose weight. That’s why I believe I choose to eat junk a lot of the time, to sabotage. Thanks for this… and you’re beautiful, by the way. Keep up the faith.

  16. youwantgeek says:

    Good insight. Self-sabotage is a vicious cycle. It’s strange and difficult working through food addiction. Thanks for understanding and watching 🙂 I hope you can get through your self-sabotage. Also, I checked out your channel-I love covers and Fiona Apple is one of my faves! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and talking about something you normally wouldn’t. I totally get what you are saying! 2 things I can not “go there” with is sugar and wheat. So it kind of sets a limit with me. I can eat whatever I want except those two. Thank goodness I do not HAVE to eat either of those two things because I would overdo it. People say, “everything in moderation”. What a joke! Anyways, for me, it feels “good” to have those limits. Makes me feel in control.

  18. autumnpromise91 says:

    excellent video. I think thats why this support system is so important. We understand because we’ve been there and we pull each other back up without judgement. Unfortunately this is something that we will prob have to deal with for the rest of our lives. At least we have a tool now to help us in the battle but its never easy is it? Well good luck in the journey to overcome our addiction. tc

  19. endleramy says:

    Amazing truth. I posted your video on my blog. I was hospitalized for overeating and starvation. Having been out now for 3 months I’ve reached a point where the cycle of my addiction is beginning to whirl back. I’m learning it’s more about the shame of the past abuse that keeps me overweight. Letting go of the shame and not carrying it on my body is my path to freedom. I know it’s different for everybody yet the pull to hurt myself over and over again has to stop. By God’s grace, it will.

  20. tgSoapertg says:

    I think one thing to help fill the void, is to tap into the Spirit – we are more spiritual than we realize and when we connect with the Spirit, we can accomplish so much and understand ourselves much better.

  21. dillingerexcape87 says:

    one thing that helps is eating nutrient dense foods such as meats, vegetables, and fruits. when you consume more of these it will help with cravings because your nutrient needs will be met. I dont know what your regular diet is but it probably hasnt been the healthiest which is making you lack good nutrition. the body needs these foods. I can say from personal experience taht when i eat these my cravings or “addiction” type tendencies basically disappear or at least are very quiet

  22. LaMaitresseNoir says:

    Amen sister! Praying that you’re doing alright- I know the incredible challenge it can be- god bless!

  23. i can control myself around regular food, that is…food that’s not dessert/sweets, but when it comes to chocolate, ice cream and sweet stuff, I can’t stop eating them, good thing you get sick fast from eating too much of it

  24. MindGrace says:

    Thank you for your honesty and sharing your experiences. I have been researching addicitons, especially food addictions, for some time now.
    The solution cannot be found in external changes, such as surgery. Rather, the solution is in internal changes. By this I mean in subconscious changes of thoughts and habits. The mind is so powerful, controlling our external actions completely. But, we can control our thoughts, thus controlling our desires and actions, and accessing the subconscious is how

  25. gabbygirlxoxo says:

    I always have a hard time. I understand how you feel. It’s the hardest form of addiction in my opinion. I think “How can an addict have their substance in moderation”? I am Anorexic/ Bulimic EDNOS for the past 13 years and I’m 26. I don’t think I’ll ever find anything ti fill the void because I’m the one who’d always leaving myself isolated and empty!