Obesity: A Shifting Paradigm

21 Things You Should Know About The Changing Signs & Times Of Obesity & Weight-Loss

#1Obesity increasing in industrialized nations
# 2 One billion people globally are considered overweight
# 3 When you take people from a rural area and put them in an urban area obesity levels go up
# 4 It seems the start of the current obesity epidemic was 500 years ago during the European colonization
# 5 On a global scale we’ve become so reliant on technology…everything is done for us
# 6 The industrial revolution changed the world
# 7 The ancient genome which was protective has become a liability
# 8 BMI doesn’t take body composition into consideration
#9  We can’t just look at BMI by itself
#10  Fat localized to the belly region is implicated in a cascade of metabolic diseases
# 11 Its possible to not be obese on the BMI scale or even body composition measures, yet if the concentration of body fat is located in the belly region accompanied by habits that are contraindicated to health we could be predisposed to health risks
#12  People can carry body fat and still be healthy
#13  The weight loss agenda
# 14 Calories in vs. calories out
# 15 Making small changes we can live with
#16  People who are upright and gravity bearing can lower body weight and improve their health
#17  The tread-desk improved entire metabolic profile
#18  Does the media contribute to or help the obesity problem?
# 19 The secret is there is no secret
#20  As a fitness professional I am an educator
# 21Re-educate and re-frame


  1. I need to outline how obesity may lead to a shorter life expectancy, Ive looked all over google and it just tells me how many years obesity can take off, now how it can lead to it.

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