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  1. youwantgeek says:

    Totally! Like get you in and out as quickly as they can without really investing in your health. Thanks for the luck and I will definitely keep looking!

  2. youwantgeek says:

    Oh it’s alright. Something good will come out of it, I’m sure 🙂

  3. youwantgeek says:

    Yeah, I think you’re right. Find someone who has specific interest in people who have had the surgery. Thanks for your support!

  4. youwantgeek says:

    Well I am super happy to know that there are PCP’s out there who do a great job. I have heard great things about Kaiser from my sister, too! And thank you so much for your support and for having my back 🙂 You guys are so awesome! Can’t wait to hear from you again!

  5. youwantgeek says:

    Thanks Kristy, I certainly will! Hope you’re having a good week.

  6. youwantgeek says:

    That’s good advice. I believe there are still caring people, too, sometimes it’s just hard to find them! I’ll definitely keep looking and thanks so much for the compliment 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. 1cruisedirector says:

    I would say research the Bariatric doctors in your area or your insurance and have them do your follow-ups .I would speak up and tell them point blank .I have a big mouth that way. Diana

  8. monibunnie says:

    Another thing that is scary about the Health Care industry is that I have heard most insurance companies will not cover you once you have had the gastric bypass surgery (ie you leave your job for another job and the new insurance considers your surgery as a “pre-existing” condition). I and my family are on a Cobra package that runs out in December of this year. I’m hoping that we can find other insurance but have had no luck thus far.

  9. youwantgeek says:

    lol! I try to be really nice but I think maybe I’m too nice. I could use a big mouth every now and again 🙂

  10. youwantgeek says:

    That’s not good news at all! I’ve heard something similar to this before. It’s a complete shame that there are so many stipulations on whether or not a person receives the treatment or help that they need. To be completely honest, I think what you’re talking about should be considered a crime. I truly hope that you’re able to find adequate insurance.

  11. bratlee2u says:

    I think there is a section on OH where you can look for healthcare professionals. Try that section or ask around on the your local board on OH for a good PCP who is WLS friendly. Good luck to you. You look beautiful.

  12. The last time I went to my GP and I told him I lost 50 pounds, he was like “Actually, since you’ve last been here you’ve only lost 35.” NICE! And then he told me not to gain it back now! So I’m switching. LOLOLOL. Assholes, all of them.

  13. youwantgeek says:

    Ugh, GP’s are so annoying. I hope you find one that can appreciate what you’ve done!

  14. youwantgeek says:

    That’s a great idea. I didn’t even know OH had that information available. Thanks for the luck! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  15. That sounds like a crappy experience. I’m so sorry. Like other have recommended, I would look into find a good Bariatric Dr in our area. Some say they won’t see someone else’s patients, but if you write a letter explaining the situation, they are usually accomidating.

  16. ShrinkinPhotographer says:

    Oh that totally stinks. I would ask for a new doctor. You have to feel comfortable with your PCP. My PCP is great but when she’s busy I have to see others and the last one I saw was CLUELESS on what was going on. I was dehydrated and he told me to drink gatoraid and eat potatoes. The sugar in gatorade would have KILLED ME. LOL Anyway I feel for you but look for a new PCP. ~ Nicol

  17. youwantgeek says:

    That’s good to know, I’ll have a little letter ready when I start looking again. I hope you’re doing well–I really loved hearing your story about lap-band and the surgeons and such. I’m sorry you had to go through so much crap. Doctors suck! Take care 🙂

  18. youwantgeek says:

    I think you’re right and I’m going to ask for a new doc. Hahaha, Gatorade is like…pure sugar! That sounds pretty clueless! Hope you’re doing well, you’re looking great!!!

  19. waskiewiczrn says:

    My PCP is excellent, but my surgeon requires that you have a PCP in place who is familiar with care of bariatric patients. It just so happened that mine was. You need to establish with a local bariatric surgeon for followup in the event you need one, that way they’ll know you, and find a PCP who is familiar with followup of bariatric patients. We have special needs and they have to be able to care for those. Sounds like yours didn’t have a clue about bariatric needs.

  20. youwantgeek says:

    We DO have special needs! I am in the process now of finding a PCP who’s qualified to advise someone who’s had bariatric surgery.

  21. ThatzHotxoxo says:

    i’m vowing right now that after i get my surgery if the dr i see acts like that (i’ll also be seeing someone closer to home) i’m going to say what you JUST said that thier lack of enthusiasm is in my opinion unprofessional. I’m guessing i’ll get that who gives a flip attitude here since in my experience thats the only kind you get in canada.

  22. youwantgeek says:

    You totally should. Be completely honest and tell them how you feel. I kind of regret not saying something now but I’m sure the guy will hear it soon, even if not from me!

  23. ThatzHotxoxo says:

    i’m going family practice just got yet another replacement dr so i dont know this person from a hole in the ground and if theyre taking the gig in my folks boondock town theyre probably gonna be the same type of i dont give a rats ass type that we usually get. canada healthcare = crap care (in my experience)

  24. whatever749 says:

    I know that my health issues are not related to yours but I love my general physician, he seems to care alot about his patients and I will be very sad if I ever have to leave him
    I’m sorry that your experience was not like mine.

  25. dealermando says:

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