1. the least common multiple of three consecutive single digit positive integers is 168. What are the integers?

  2. louisewoods1984 says:

    A Norman window has the shape of a rectangle surmounted by a semicircle. If the perimeter of the window is 532 centimeters and the length of the base of the window is 168 centimeters, find the total area of the window.

  3. Andylong99 says:

    i feel headaches when my brain is processing 2 much info and it makes me tire out easily

  4. flawedhuman says:

    Blessings Robert. I’m an EFT practitioner and my family thinks I’m nuts too. Best of luck…

  5. naturable says:

    Robert, your videos are amazing. I have my own little online community of EFT tappers that I lead weekly and I am always recommending they watch you. Your technique is simple and powerful. I incorporate some of your techniques into my own teaching. Love and Light to you.

  6. Hi,

    Awesome videos, Robert, they really are!
    Must add, that I struggled a LOT with RESISTANCE to letting go of ‘stuff’ for about a YEAR, until I finally stumbled upon Teri Mahaney’s work in relation to sleep and using recordings to dissolve problems while in sleep in Theta brainwave frequency level. I still don’t know exactly WHY I had resistance – but I don’t even care much about it now. Just glad it is gone and that tapping works now 🙂

    So, have you encountered resistance with your clients?

  7. Robert, you mentioned in other videos that the key to making Faster EFT to work is persistence. Often, after doing several or many rounds of tapping, I feel tired. Is this normal? I often feel like I need to take a nap.

    I’m curious to know your thoughts on this.

  8. HealingMagic says:

    It is very normal. It is much like when you have been studying for a test and then your brain is tired. What you’re doing is creating new neurological pathways in your brain and it needs to process the changes. That is why you get really tired. It needs to re-organize the furniture. I love naps and my down pillows too. Peace and keep on, tapping on everything. Robert

  9. jazzednjaded says:

    Wonderful work. Interesting that you make the connection with memories. I’ve also connected with another method of clearing these but your EFT library on YouTube is an amazing and excellent resource, and one I revisit often.

  10. 1bridget2 says:

    I reeally appreciate your videos. The other day, i felt so desperate, i was going to cancel a party with friends. I chose one of your videos, i tapped along, and within a few minutes (i did the tapping 3 times), all my negative thoughts and uncomfortable feelings were gone.
    The next day, i had a great time with my friend!!
    thanks Robert

  11. Dear Robert…You got me SO HOOKED on this that I had to TAP last night to stop watching your videos and go to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. bleachboy64 says:

    I have a question i have alot of issues but i dont know where to start and when i try to think about it the scale is like a 3 but i know theres more to it so yea its kinda frustrating and lastly is jealousy just another feeling that can be tapped?

  13. HealingMagic says:

    I suggest stepping into memory as if you were and tap on feelings and sensations. You start anywhere and stay there until it is gone. Start with jealousy and experiences that support them. Just start. Everything will open up. Peace Robert

  14. davidgroupie says:

    robert i agree with everything you say at the beginning of this video it does indeed work.I am proof that it does and yes people think im a wakco thats ok i tap anyway. now i look at people and say so let it go and it drives my kids nuts lol thanks from newzealand ellen

  15. Dear Robert,

    I am curious to know what emotional component could be contributing to my hands and feet being cold most of the time. Have had them so for around 10 years. Can’t seem to find the memory that may have begun it. Would you mind sharing some knowledge about this and whether Louise Hay mentions cold hands and feet in her book(s)? And if so, what are the emotional contributors to it?

    I am grateful in advance.

  16. capricious71 says:

    Robert, really good explanation, not only of the tapping but how none of us are perfect and how we can learn things and still not use them. And that doesn’t diminish how useful those things like tapping are.

    As an aside, I’d be interested in how your tapping routine addresses psychological reversal, as you don’t tap the karate chop point.
    My experience of EFT is that cracking PR is a big part of it. It seems to make the rest of the tapping obsolete.

  17. HealingMagic says:

    With Traditional EFT there is Psychological Reversal (PR) with with my process there is no PR because we are operating from a different belief system & understanding of how & why we have problems.

    If you are taught there is PR from those who do now know how & why we have problems then you will always find PR.

    Gary’s EFT process falls short because of its incomplete and faulty belief system & his followers will always encounter PR.

    My EFT Emotionally Focused Transformations or Faster EFT

  18. HealingMagic says:

    There could be many parts that may support this but you may address how you are handling your events in life. Write a list of how it bothers you and the places along with the times you experience this. Start changing each one.

  19. lilliemoore says:

    Hi !
    Just want to say that you are deffinetily not crazy. You helped me anyway,, thank you.

  20. denalidragonfly says:

    LOL! That is so funny, but understandably true. I wonder if Robert thinks that is twisting the system. I hope you continued to tap again the next day. G:-)

  21. samanthastar77 says:

    Robert – do you have any other videos for physical conditions such as asthma? Do you believe like Gary that all physical conditions have an emotional element?

  22. HealingMagic says:

    I do have some testimonial from those who now no longer have asthma. I did address the past pains, hurts, and the emotional events that supported her asthma and now she is free. I used “Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay as a reference.

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