Los Angeles is located on the Pacific coast of Southern California and is regarded as the second most populous city in the US. Stretching eastwards at around 160 km, you could locate 100 independent cities which include Long Beach. While taking time out to enjoy the view, you may also look forward to healthy outdoor options.

1. Bayshore Roller Hockey Rink. This facility was made to give way for one of the sports gaining recognition these days which is roller hockey. You can find this rink between the ocean and Alamitos Bay. You will definitely get those hockey shoes on and enjoy the meaning of the game.

2. Long Beach Sportfishing. Fishing is an activity most people do for fun. Sportfishing is done in the same way but with the sports word attached to it. This simply means that you are bound to have a healthy manner of conducting it. As you are exploring the harbors of Los Angeles and Long Beach, you will have a taste of what it means to do salt-water fishing. Bring along your tennis shoes with you for you to have a safe catch.

3. Kayaks on the Water. This is a place which is open to both single and team kayakers. This is a convenient place to have the sports as there is little traffic along the waters. From the starting point, you may gear your trip to Starbucks, Naples island canals or even the wildlife park.

4. Peter Archer Rowing Center. Just like the Bayshore Roller Hockey Rink, this one is found along the Alamitos Bay. They conduct summer camps for both junior high and high school students. They offer instructions on the basics of rowing and the rest of the things you must know about the activity.

5. Skylinks Golf Course. Patterned after the custom eighteen-hole design of a golf course, the Skylinks Golf Course could be your partner in enjoying the outstanding greens as well as the refreshing fairways. This is a spot where you could practice the fundamentals of golf as well as enhance your existing skills.

6. Sunland Skate Park. This skating option could be found at the Sunland Recreation Center. The management will offer you all the things you need to protect yourself from playing like helmets and elbow and knee pads.

7. Temescal Gateway Park. If you want to work your feet out, the Temescal Gateway Park is one of the worthwhile places to spend your time. With their offerings of several miles for hiking, you will be led to the beauty of nature. There are surprisingly amazing views all around from canyons and creeks to waterfalls and a panoramic view of the entire city as well as the Pacific Ocean.

8. Angeles National Forest. This is an ideal spot for travelers as well as from people living within the area. They offer a variety of recreational activities. Picnic may be one of the best things you would enjoy from the place but you could extend your pleasure to swimming and fishing. Mountain bikers and equestrians may also enjoy this attraction.

9. Spokes ??N Stuff Bike Rental. Whether you are a traveler who wants to take pleasure of the sceneries around Los Angeles-Long Beach or a local wanting to work out, renting bikes is possible in the area. This place will surely cater to your biking needs which will make you enjoy the action for a fee of $8 to $20 for the whole day.

10. Griffith Park Horse Rental. If you are craving to do an extraordinary activity that will make you see the wonders of the environment, you may have a horseback riding experience through this place. Your kids under 6 years old may have ponies for themselves as well. Just ask for assistance as this is a very delicate activity.

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