Our Health Is Worse With Each Generation

Everybody with more than 3 brain cells knows (or should) that each generation is less healthy than the one before.   What’s happening to us?   And, even more important – what can we do about it?   The percentage of autistic and ADD/ADHD kids is growing at an alarming rate.   And worst of all, these are usually the brightest of our kids.  

Why is this happening to us?     There are several factors:

      1.   Each generation has children born with more allergies, particularly food types.

      2.   Each generation gets less and less actual nutrition, and more and more food that tastes good, but isn’t good for us.

      3.   Our food supply deteriorates as it is changed by radiation, and other new techniques into a different form that is actually bad for us.   Corn is a good example, and other foods are similar.   Mother Nature does know best!

      4.   Overuse of antibiotics and steroids in our meat and milk supply create even more problems than they solve, including many bacteria becoming resistant to such.    

      5.   General deterioration of our environment by man made toxic pollutants such as carbon dioxide, mercury in the sea and our water supplies, man made pesticides that kill much more than was thought, ad nauseam.
      6.   The thoughtless use of mercury (Thimerosal) in vaccines given to babies which has proved to be a major factor in “mental problems” of all kinds, particularly the ADD-autism continuum.   Add the “thoughtless” use of drugs for all kinds of problems.
      7.   The thoughtless overuse of antibiotics.   Antibiotics have done great work in bacterial diseases and infections, BUT they can do tremendous harm to the digestive system unless provisions are made.  

      8.   Corporate greed producing unhealthy products and suppressing evidence for money reasons that would remove them.   All too often, new drugs are not tested over time for long term effects, and the FDA is manipulated into approving them without this needed testing, The FDA is now more interested in protecting Big Pharma than consumers!   (Did you know that more than half the “approval” board” for new drugs is composed of people in the industry – Big Pharma?   Vested interest – you think?)

 Generational deterioration:   This is a downward spiral effect.   As the nutrition of each generation gets worse, the “leaky gut” syndrome appears more and more.   This leads to more and more allergic persons, who pass on some of this “tendency” at least to their children.

 I have come to believe that the gut becomes more and more permeable in the attempt to obtain more necessary nutrition.   This leads to longer chains of protein amino acids instead of simple digested chains of 1-3 ones.   These longer chains “look more” like invading bacteria or virus or fungus or even parasites to our immune systems.   Our immune systems now catalog this chain from this food as an allergen, and a symptom (allergy as a warning) is developed.              

Before a child is born, the mother should be getting sufficient nutrition for at least 10 months prior to birth.   The father needs good nutrition as well for at least 2 months prior to conception.   After that, he’s done until the next time.
Without really good nutrition, the first baby deletes the mother’s body (baby has priority generally).     If she has another baby shortly after, this baby (and the mother) will be “shorted” even more.   And the downward spiral continues.  

Even MD’s with their poor knowledge of nutrition in general are now giving expectant mothers vitamins and minerals.

The truth Those prescription supplements are not nearly enough for what most pregnant women need.   They (and ignorant MD’s) are “scammed” by Big Pharma into believing that their more costly formula of vitamins and minerals is “better” than the ones from the health food store.     The truth is that they are usually inferior to what is needed for a healthy pregnancy.

It’s a fact that “we are what we eat”.   (Or, as a friend of mine put it, “we are what we digest”.   As an 80 year old male, I can remember eating foods as a young person that were quite different from what young children eat today.   I would have been diagnosed ADHD had I been able to eat what kids today eat.     Candy and other sweet foods were limited, and we ate naturally ripe garden produce in season, and without pesticides.   The meat was often local, and steroids and antibiotics weren’t in the food chain.      

 We have changed some foods by various “scientific” methods.   Some of these provide faster (more profitable) foods, and some of this has been good, or at least “not bad”.   However, all too often, the profit motive is stronger than the health motive.   The “new and improved” genetically altered corn turned out to be a horrible mistake.   There’s a law that prohibits it from being fed to humans, and supposedly it is only being fed to the food animals.   (And the jury is still out on whether this could be another mistake.   Why is it that we always seem to err on the profit side, never the public health side?   And, why is Nature much better than our scientists?)

So, what’s the answer?   Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about a lot of the problems.   At least the mercury has been taken out of the baby vaccines, (or so we’re told) and the lead has been taken out of the gasoline, and we’ve started to stop pesticides in this country at least.   But, we’re still at risk!   Food from other countries is coming in with little or no control, and we suffer.   Even our animals are dying from this!     (Look at the Chinese pet food recall, and we are buying more and more human food from China!)

The old cliché about “you can get all the nutrition you need from the supermarket” is very false.   Today, in this ever worsening world, everyone needs vitamin and mineral supplements.  

Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation

For the last 25 years of my 80 year old life, I’ve gradually changed my vitamin/mineral regimen.   I wish I had started it much earlier.   I also wish I had never smoked.   I might live forever in better health if so.   What we do in our thoughtless youth comes back to haunt us in older age.  

The following regime is recommended as a MINIMUM for everyone over 17.
      Solgar VM-75 (or equivalent- read quantities on label) 1/day w/meal.   (Not same meal when taking vitamin C, as C takes out nutritional minerals      

4000mg of vitamin C split into at least 2 doses (4 is better)
If there is a problem with vitamin C, it may indicate a corn allergy.   Try switching to Calcium Ascorbate.   If this causes no problem, check for probable corn allergy.      

Babies:   Breast feed as much and as long as physically possible.   Breast feeding has proved to give the baby much more protection against diseases.   Babies also come with a lot of built in immunity, and breast feeding continues this.

Children from 3-12:   You can use the generic type of one a day vitamins for most children.   B and C vitamins do not accumulate in the body.   Avoid those with very much A and D vitamins, .Avoid sweetened and so-called “child vitamins”,

Children from 12-18:   ½   VM-75, or similar.   2000 mg of vitamin C,
Preventing Digestive Problems

A major problem here is that antibiotics kill all bacteria, and our digestion was designed to use “friendly” bacteria occurring in nature to help in the digestion of food, AND to actually produce some

much needed materials there.   If the friendly bacteria are killed by antibiotic action, then yeast and/or fungus colonies take over the friendly bacteria spots.   This means that several “known” actions don’t take place or are severely curtailed.   These are:

      1.   B12 isn’t transported into the body as well.
      2.   Some other nutrients aren’t digested as well, and this leads to the “leaky gut” in the attempt to gain more needed nutrition.
      3.   Vitamin K which is manufactured in the gut doesn’t get made.  

So, what’s the answer?   It’s actually pretty simple.   Avoid taking antibiotics needlessly!   If you have an infection or bacterial disease, take them of course – and take them for the entire time needed, NOT just until you feel better).

When you finish taking the last antibiotic pill or capsule, on the following day, take 10-20 Acidophilus capsules.   Take the same amount every other day for at least 5 times, until your feces turns a light color for at least 2 days, and any methane gas expelled has virtually no smell for two to three days.   If you have severe gas and cramping after the first day, it’s because your gut is loaded with yeast and fungus, and it’s being killed off, and rotting.   How’s that for a nice picture?

Another gut problem is too little fiber.   For years all the doctors knew that we didn’t digest sugar formed into cellulose or fiber, so they thought we didn’t need it.   They were all wrong.   Nature (and evolution) uses what is there always, even if we aren’t smart enough to see that.

Do you eat a lot of leafy green veggies?   If so, you may be getting enough fiber.   If not, you might get in trouble.   The two primary things that leafy green veggies supply are:
Yes, they also supply folic acid, a B vitamin, and maybe Popeye needs it, but to me the most important are the other two.   (I have always hated leafy green veggies, so I have to be sure to intake both fiber and magnesium from other sources.   Folic acid is in the

Look at your stool.   Does it float or sink?   What color is it?   If consistently light colored and not that smelly, you’re probably in fair to good shape for friendly bacteria.  

Solving Mental Allergy Problems

About 85-90% of the ADD-autism continuum is caused by “unknown” allergies (unknown to the sufferer).   We also know that this same percentage of children (and many adults) can become either “normal”, or close to such using EEG Biofeedback (aka Neurofeedback Training) or Neuroliminal Brain Wave Training.

 Since this is such a striking “co-incidence”, I first proposed the theory that “raising the SMR brain wave somehow changes the affect on the brain of allergens”.   This theory has lots of anecdotal evidence to support if at this time, and there is no other working theory extant.  

In addition to the ADD-autism continuum, Neuroliminal Training solves insomnia in over 90% of all persons tested to date, and 85% of all depressive tested to date.   This compares favorably to EEG BF in success rate, and offers an affordable alternate to both dangerous drugs (Ritalin, Xanax, et al), and expensive EEG BF.   More info at:

We can’t reverse what we’ve done to our food supply and our bodies as a result of poor and corrupt science, but we can prevent more of the same, and the above will help you and yours to somewhat better health.   In one class where I gave out free samples (30 each) of the Solgar VM-75, well over half the 55 students reported feeling much better the next week.  

I get no money or even a professional discount from Solgar or any other supplement company.   My wife and I and most of my family have used the above recommendations for well over 20 years.   (Side note – neither my wife nor I have ever noticed any difference over a week of taking any of the “miracle” liquids such as mangosteen, noni juice, etc.   We believe that people who do are malnourished!)

Good luck and health to you and yours.

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